IOM CC10, 2/10/13

1. Rob Walsh,   9 pts
2. Brad Gibson,   11
3. Graham Birkett,   19
4. Neil Westbrook,   29
5. Martin Roberts,   30
6. Dave Potter,   30
7. Bill Culshaw,   36
8. Dave Burke,   40
9. Vernon Gee,   43
10. Colin Smith,   46
11. Dave Williams,   52
12. Jim Findlay,   57
13. Greg Burke,   64
14. Kris Morrow,   66
15. Dave Pickup,   69
16. Ernie Rice,   76
17. Les Kewn,   89

8 races

Final IOM Club Championship placings now on the Club Championships page

Pre-AGM Meeting

Pre-AGM Meeting
5th October 2013
All members are invited and encouraged to attend.
This is your oppourtunity to have your say in how your club is run.
From all committee positions being up for nominations,
setting the 2014 Calendar, weed issues,
to what classes we sail and when…

This is the meeting where decisions need to be made and voted on.

Have your say

IOM STREBOR Open Race, 21/9/13

Post National Blues?? Nice Sunny day?? End of season fatigue??  Whatever the reason, it was a small group of 7 who gathered at the pond to contest the trophy including Graham Whalley all the way from Manor Park.

A light breeze from the clubhouse end in the morning was regular enough to provide some good competitive sailing but with the ever present fear of falling into a hole or missing a big shift. The lunch break coincided with 180 degree swing of the breeze and temporary lightening, giving us a re-tuning challenge and a course change to keep us on our toes.

We took turns to chase Rob around the pond, sometimes getting in front of him but not often enough to prevent him walking away with the rather nice trophy… Well done Rob!
Thanks as usual to the race team, Jack & Bernie and Joyce on tea and biscuits for enabling an enjoyable days yachting.

Graham Birkett

1. Rob Walsh,   19 pts
2. Graham Birkett,   26
3. Dave Burke,   38
4. Bill Culshaw,   47
5. Colin Smith,   69
6. Graham Whalley,   74
7. Dave Williams,   83

17 races