Saturday 3/2/12

Tomorrow is the first club Marblehead race of the year.

This weekend is the first IOM Ranking Race of the year with Birkenhead members looking to perform strongly against a world class field. Follow the weekend’s results on the Midlands District Website.

A reminder that the following Saturday 10/3/12 is our lake clean up day from 10am.

Northern District Winter Series 26/2/12

Round 5 of the Northern District Winter Series was held in mostly light fickle winds with the breeze only settling down for the final four races late in the afternoon. Visiting skippers were welcomed from both the Midlands and South East Districts, making a total  of 18 boats for the day. With a high quality fleet comprising of 7 GBR representatives of last year’s IOM World Championship. After some tight racing in trying conditions, Birkenhead skippers filled the top three placings, with Tony Edwards of the Midlands proving the best of the visitors in fourth place.
Attentions will now be focused on the to the first National Ranking Races for 2012 next weekend at Bartley Green in the West Midlands, where many ND skippers will hope to take advantage of lessons learned through what has proven to be a very tight series in the North.

Congratulations go to John Tushingham for a thoroughly deserved ND Winter Series win for 2011/12 and to all skippers who supported the series.

1. 42 Brad Gibson Birkenhead BritPOP! 14
2. 22 Martin Roberts Birkenhead Lintel MMX 24
3. 09 Graham Elliott Birkenhead BritPOP! 27
4. 75 Tony Edwards Leicestershire Robot 48
5. 25 Rob Walsh Fleetwood Lintel MMX 59
6. 83 Ken Binks Eashbourne Psycho 60
7. 51 John Tushingham Keighley Arrival 61
8. 98 Darin Ballington Manor Park BritPOP! 63
9. 62 Victoria McNulty Birkenhead BritPOP! 73
10. 11 Dave Stewart Ashton Quays Widget 87
11. 277 Mick Chamberlain Rotherham Widget 101
12. 54 Roy Stevens Tri-Services Pikanto 102
13. 61 John Sharman Keighley Robot 107
14. 33 Dave Williams Birkenhead Lintel 139
15. 108 Liz Tushingham Keighley Robot 145
16. 74 John Fozard Ashton Quays Pikanto 150
17. 71 Graham Marsh Ashton Quays Gadget 150
18. 21 Bill Clushaw Birkenhead Lintel 168


Thank you to PROs Colin Galvin and Jim Findlay, and to Joyce Roberts and Rona Galvin in the canteen.

Winter Series Race 8, 25/2/12

PRO Bill Culshaw kept racing moving at a cracking pace for the final race of the Birkenhead IOM Winter Series. A light NW breeze flowed down the middle of the lake for 16 skippers including guest Ken Binks from the Eastbourne club. Graham Elliott set the pace for the majority of the day and suffered finally through having to leave a couple of races short at the end. Brad Gibson took out the final race, making a clean sweep of the Winter Series but was pushed hard by Martin Roberts throughout the day.

1. Brad Gibson,   19
2. Martin Roberts,   25
3. Graham Elliott,   26
4. Dave Potter,   26
5. Victoria McNulty,   45
6. Ken Binks*,   51
7. Mick Chamberlain,   53
8. Rob Walsh,   57
9. Colin Smith,   72
10. Neil Westbrook,   91
11. Ernie Rice,   95
12. Lisa Reeves,   97
13. Dave Williams,   99
14. Jim Findlay,   105
15. Dave Wayt,   121
16. Roy Washbrook,   122

PRO – Bill Culshaw

* Visitor

Notice of Race – ND Winter Series, Sunday 26th Feb

A notice to all members and visitors that we are hosting Round 5 of the Northern District Winter Series on  Sunday 26th February.
Racing starts at 10.00am sharp, no race shall start after 3.30pm.
Hotpot lunch included with your £3.50 entry fee.
To register email Brad Gibson by 8.00pm on Friday 24th February with your:
– Sail number
– MYA Number
– Club
– Radio frequency

*UPDATE Friday PM*
We are now looking very likely to go to two fleets with any more last minute entries. Please get them to us before 8pm if you wish to sail and help make life easier for our catering ladies.

Entries Received:
1.   42, Brad Gibson, Birkenhead, 2.4GHz
2.   62, Victoria McNulty, Birkenhead, 2.4GHz
3.   09, Graham Elliott, Birkenhead, 2.4GHz
4.   74, John Fozard, Ashton Quays, 2.4GHz
5.   98, Darin Ballington, Manor Park, 2.4GHz
6.   51, John Tushingham, Keighley
7.   108, Liz Tushingham, Keighley
8.   54, Roy Stevens, Tri-Services, 40.985
9.   94, Ernie Rice, Birkenhead, 2.4GHz
10.   277, Mick Chamberlain, Rotherham, 2.4 GHz
11.   22, Martin Roberts, Birkenhead, 2.4GHz
12.   101, Damian Ackroyd, Leeds & Bradford, 40.865
13.   83, Ken Binks, Eastbourne & DMYC, 2.4GHz
14.   71, Graham Marsh, Ashton Quays, 40.925
15.   61, John Sharman, Keighley, 2.4GHz
16.   21, Bill Culshaw, Birkenhead, 2.4GHz
17.   11, Dave Stewart, Ashton Quays, 2.4GHz
18.   75, Tony Edwards, Leicestershire, 40.855
19.   25, Rob Walsh, Fleetwood, 2.4GHz

Winter Series Race 7, 11/2/12

Round 7 was sailed in a nice light A rig from the SSE. Some very close racing in the day with four different heat winners showing the evenness of the skippers. Thank you to both Colin Smith and Colin Galvin for braving the cold and giving us a good day sailing. The final round of the Birkenhead Club Winter Series is on Saturday 25th February with a prizegiving to follow racing for the series.

1. Brad Gibson,   11 pts
2. Graham Elliott,   17
3. Martin Roberts,   25
4. Darin Ballington,   27
5. Dave Potter,   27
6. Victoria McNulty,   40
7. Dave Burke,   52
8. Bill Culshaw,   58
9. Dave Williams,   64
10. Neil Westbrook,   65
11. Roy Washbrook,   80
12. Ernie Rice,   87
13. David Catherall,   91

PROs – Colin Smith and Colin Galvin

IOM Winter Series League updated including one discard

For anyone interested some members are planning an RM get together for next Saturday 18th February, keep your eye on the Message Board for any details.