A reminder to all skippers that this coming Sunday 7/10/12 is the final round of the Northern District Summer Series, Start time 10.00 am. Could skippers wishing to attend please enter asap through Brad Gibson so that racing numbers and details for lunch can be finalised.
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Any skipper wishing to make a weekend of it are more than welcome to bring their RM for Saturday’s club race.  This is the final hit out for our UK skippers travelling to the World RM Championships in France 14-21 October LINK

IOM Club Championship 9, 29/9/12

Today’s racing saw gusty B rig conditions from the NW blowing straight down the lake. At the front end of the fleet races were won and lost by a matter of inches with more close racing right through the fleet.

1. Brad Gibson,   11
2. Graham Elliott,   14
3. Victoria McNulty,   25
4. Bill Culshaw,   42
5. Ernie Rice,   49
6. Dave Burke,   51
7. Dave Williams,   55
8. Vernon Gee,   66
9. Jim Findlay,   66
10. Martin Roberts,   70
11. Greg Burke,   73
12. Roy Washbrook,   79
13. David Pickup,   86
14. David Catherall,   94

10 races

IOM Handicap Race, 15/9/12

A small but keen fleet of IOM skippers turned up. Racing was close throughout the day with Dave Burke continuing his recent form to take out a strong win. The handicap concept proved its worth once again with more inexperienced skippers growing in confidence as the day went on. Thanks to Victoria and Neil who ran our race smoothly.

1. Dave Burke,   14
2. Jim Findlay,   21
3. Roy Washbrook,   23
4. Greg Burke,   25
5. Brad Gibson,   30
6. Vernon Gee,   34
7. Ernie Rice,   40
8. Albert Stanley,   46
9. Colin Galvin,   51

9 races

Pre-AGM Meeting

Pre-AGM Meeting
29th September 2012
All members are invited and encouraged to attend.
This is your oppourtunity to have your say in how your club is run.
From all committee positions being up for nominations,
setting the 2013 Calendar, weed issues,
to what classes we sail and when…
Have your say

Northern District RM Ranking, West Kirby, 9/9/12

1. Brad Gibson,     Birkenhead,     17pts    
2. Peter Stollery,     Guildford,     35           
3. Rob Walsh,     Fleetwood,     36           
4. Darin Ballington,     Manor Park,     59
5. Richard Hampson,     Birkenhead,     64
6. Andrea Roberts,     Birkenhead,     73
7. Roy Stevens,     Tri Services,     92
8. Hugh McAdoo,     Guildford,     93           
9. Victoria McNulty,     Birkenhead,    112
10. Bill Culshaw,     Birkenhead,     129
11. Peter Crisp,     Swanley,     133           
12. Josh King,     Windrush,     154         
13. Terry Rensch,     Guildford,     167

16 races