DragonForce Autumn Series #8 20/11/19

With the breeze averaging 10 knots and up to 15 or 18 in the gusts, it was decided that B Rigs was the most prudent choice for the day.  Even so, there was an occasional hairy moment on the run for many during the 10 races sailed.  Races were won and lost in some cases by being in the most pressure downwind and at other times by avoiding the pressure to stay upright!  John and Peter had evenly shared most of the wins after Race 9, with otherwise only Alan managing to get a good win in Race 5.  It turned out that the two lap Race 10 was the decider, which John won by no more than a boat length on the finish line having made the best of the last beat.  A great morning of close racing. Thanks to Mike St Paer for running the races today and hopefully his new boat will be ready to race next Wednesday.

  1. John Brierley                84       11pts
  2. Peter Baldwin               63       12pts
  3. Alan Watkinson          373      23pts
  4. Andrew Peter               919     28pts
  5. Colin Deakin                 335     37pts
  6. Dave Williams             233      42pts
  7. Richard Walker             39      46pts
  8. Richard Robinson        01       61pts
  9. Sally Collings               129      62pts

DragonForce Autumn Series #7 13/11/19

There was only a light S to SE breeze today that came in patches across the water.  Alan Watkinson was the boat to beat in the first two races, followed by relative newcomer Richard Robinson, who took 3 wins in the next 4 races. Kris Morrow had wins in races 5 and 10 and John Brierley took 3 wins in races 7 to 9.

Overall John had the more consistent day to win overall, with Kris only two points behind and then Richard in third 6 points behind that.

Thanks once again go to Ernie for setting the course and running this weeks races.

  1. John Brierley              84        18pts
  2. Kris Morrow                94        20pts
  3. Richard Robinson      01       26pts
  4. Andrew Peter              919      30pts
  5. Peter Baldwin             163       32pts
  6. Alan Watkinson           23       37pts
  7. Dave Williams            233       47pts
  8. Sally Collings             829       67pts
  9. Mike St Paer                 19        68pts   (1x5th)
  10. Colin Deakin                93         68pts  (0x5th)
  11. Chris Weston              194       75pts
  12. John Carling                  11         80pts  (1x3rd)
  13. Richard Walker            39        80pts  (0x3rd)
  14. Dave Halstead            855        110pts

IOM Winter 2019 #1

The forecast for this first IOM Winter Series race was rather dire with rain potentially heavy at times all afternoon.  As it was we raced for most of the afternoon without rain, which started during the last race or so, but even then not too heavy, making for a great afternoons sailing. There was plenty of discussion about was it a No 1 or No 2 breeze to start with and the fleet was split nearly 50/50.  Putting a boat with No 1 rig on the water 10 minutes before the start looked like the right choice, but that all changed by start time as we waited for the final stragglers (some who had changed down).  A number of nasty gusts swept down the lake from the clubhouse giving some tricky control issues for those in Top Rig as the race started and didn’t change when coming down the first run.  By the time Race 2 started most of the fleet were in No 2 and things were a little more serene, although there were still a few difficult gusts leading to nose dives if you were in the wrong area on the run.  Seven races were completed before a break for a late lunch, with the wins being shared around the top boats.

After lunch, the wind seemed to have abated and a number of skippers opted to change back up.  There were a few difficult gusts during race 8, but then things settled down to be a good Top suit breeze and anyone who stayed in a smaller rig was now at a disadvantage especially at the sheltered top marks.  Five more races were completed  before the rain set in, the light was fading and racing was stopped.  All of the racing was very close especially at the top of the fleet, where being on the wrong side of a shift could see a lead evaporate very quickly and even lost.  As is often the case though, some helms always manage to make the best of the conditions and the final results after 12 races were:

  1. Brad Gibson                 2         17pts
  2. Martin Roberts         22         20pts
  3. Darin Ballington      85         32pts
  4. Peter Baldwin            63         34pts
  5. Graham Elliot           117         40pts
  6. Alan Watkinson        23         62pts
  7. Lawrence Drennan  57         64pts
  8. John Brierley              84         72pts
  9. John Berry                    12         85pts

For information Brad had 5 wins, Martin 4, Darin 2 and Peter 1

DragonForce Autumn Series #6 6/11/19

Nine sailors attended for this weeks race in cold and damp conditions, a light variable wind from the clubhouse caused a few problems. If you missed the correct shift, places were easily lost.
New member John Carling with his dinghy racing experience took a win and had other very good results. John B took the overall win, but he was pushed very hard by Andrew and Alan and Dave who all had wins.
  1. John Brierley         16pts
  2.  Andrew Peter       24pts
  3. Dave Williams      27pts
  4. Alan Watkinson   30pts.   2 x 1st
  5. John Carling          30pts.    1 x 1st
  6. Derek Mathews    37pts
  7. Sally Collings        40 pts
  8. Colin Deakin         44 pts
  9. Chris Weston        64 pts

Strebor Open 2019

After the forecasts during the week were predicting a decent 10mph breeze to start the day it was disappointing for there to be barely 3 mph on arrival at the lake with rain threatening.  Racing got underway in at most 3 or 4mph from the East and the rain started.  The first race saw a three way tussle between John Berry, who was first at mark 1. quickly followed by Paul Allen and Brad Gibson.  Unfortunately John was overtaken by the end by both boats and Brad took the win, with Paul second.  In the second race, Paul took the win and Brad was second and Martin Roberts third having missed the first race due to the Rugby World Cup.  Brad took the third race followed by John Berry and Alan Watkinson.  By this time, the breeze had all but disappeared and so the 11 sailors (including one Scottish visitor) went in for an early drink which turned into a lunch break whilst they waited for some wind (and Paul Allen decided to finish his day).  At 1pm, the breeze had turned through 180 degrees and was now from the West and back to about 3mph.  Four more races were completed by 2:40, when the wind dropped out again.  Each of these were easily taken by Brad in a master class of light wind sailing, leaving the fleet to fight over second and third, each taken by different boats but Martin probably a little more consistent than others. A further tea break was taken, but the wind did not reappear and the event finished at 7 races.  Thanks to Peter Baldwin for running the first three races and Bernie for the final four races.  Overall Results were:

  1. Brad Gibson                    21        6pts
  2. John Berry                        12      19pts
  3. Martin Roberts               22     21pts
  4. Peter Baldwin                  63     21.25pts
  5. Lawrence Drennan         57    32pts  ((1x2nd)
  6. Alan Watkinson               23      32pts (0x2nd)
  7. Andrew Peter                    66     36pts  (2x5th)
  8. Colin McGinnis                45      36pts (1x5th)
  9. Dave Williams                   33       49pts
  10. Paul Allen                            27      51pts
  11. Mike Williams                  243     69pts

Next week sees the start of the IOM Winter Series.

DragonForce Autumn Series #5 30/10/19

A sunny, but cold day met the 13 DF65s for the 5th Autumn series race today.  The wind was from the clubhouse end which ensured a gusty A rig day which bordered on B rig.  Again our Race Officer Ernie set a longer one lap course due to the numbers sailing.  Richard,Neil and Dave W got of to strong starts but it was Kris and John that we’re steadily pulling ahead. There was plenty of close racing down the fleet with the windy runs being very interesting.  It was good to see Graham back on the water but it was Neil’s last race for a month as Malta is calling.
10 races were completed .
1.John Brierley             84            11pts
2.Kris Morrow.             94           16pts
3.Andrew Peters.          19           32pts
4.Dave Williams.        233          34pts
5.Neil Westbrook.        03           38pts
6.Richard Robinson.   01           43pts
7.Sally Collings.          829          51pts
8.Derek Mathews.        57           55pts
9.John Carling.               11           60pts
10.Dave Pickup.             86          63pts
11.Chris Weston.          194          74pts
12.Alan Watkinson.     373         87pts.
13.Graham Reeves.                       93pts.