DF65 Autumn Series #10 17/10/18

Lovely autumn weather with sunshine and a gentle WNW breeze greeted the DF65 skippers allowing 12 very closely fought races to be sailed with the A+ rig used by all.  In several of the races we saw more than half of the fleet arriving line-abreast at the leeward mark,  and positions frequently changed in the longish beat up from that mark to the finishing line.

  1. Neil Westbrook 14 Pts
  2. Roger Lincoln 16
  3. Dave Williams 29
  4. Derek Matthews 43
  5. Andrew Peter 45
  6. Ernie Rice 53
  7. Colin Deakin 54
  8. Bob Davis 55

12 races sailed.

IOM Racing Galore

Time to dust off those No.2 rigs as we have a feast of IOM racing ahead of us at Birkenhead this winter.

First up is the Strebor Trophy Open Event on 3rd November. Briefing at 09.45, first race at 10.00 and no race to start after 16.00. Tea and coffee will be available all day but competitors/guests should bring their own food. Entry fee is £3.

The Xmas Dash is also an IOM event this year – full details here

Our ever popular winter series which is also open to visitors will be fought over 7 Saturdays this season all racing starts at 1pm and generally ends around twilight. Dates for that are 17th November, 22nd December 2018, 5th & 19th January, 2nd & 16th February and 2nd March 2019

IOM #10 (13/10/18) Results

10 skippers turned up for the final day of the IOM 2018 series on 13th October


  1. Dave Potter 14 Pts
  2. John Brierley 16
  3. Brad Gibson 27
  4. Victoria Gibson 37 (One 1st)
  5. Bill Culshaw 37 (no 1sts)
  6. Lawrence Drennan 45
  7. Chris Chatfield 62
  8. Neil Westbrook 64
  9. Alan Watkinson 65
  10. Dave Williams 72

11 races sailed.


Provisional Series Results (subject to checking)

  1. John Brierley 580Pts
  2. Bill Culshaw 415.7
  3. Alan Watkinson 410.7

Full series results here

The next IOM event at the club will be the Strebor Open on 3rd November (10am) followed by the first racing in our ever popular winter series on 17th November (1pm start)

Dragonforce 65 Autumn Series #9 10/10/18

Sunshine, warm weather  and a good wind greeted the skippers this week and it was good to see both  Ernie returning to sailing and Sally being fit enough to act as a race officer.   12 races were sailed in total.

  1. Neil Westbrook 15 Pts
  2. Andrew Peter 25
  3. Richard Walker 37
  4. Ernie Rice 40
  5. Alan Watkinson 42
  6. Dave Williams 43
  7. Derek Matthews 57
  8. Rob Davis 70