IOM Winter 2019 #3

There was an excellent turnout of 18 boats at this the third of the Winter IOM series at Birkenhead.  Everyone was treated to a new view as they looked across the lake from the southern shoreline as shown in the photo above.  The trees all along the Northern edge have been cut down over the last week and the factory units are clearly visible again.  This brought back memories of the lakeside and the surrounding areas from years ago for some long standing members!

With a breeze from the South as we started, a course was set with two beats across the lake and a long reach back to one end of the start line.  Although there was a good 6 to 8 knot breeze blowing whilst the course was being setup, this seemed to disappear during the early races with boats getting stuck in significant holes whilst boats behind caught up with them on a light breeze from a different direction.  By the lunch break, the wind seemed to have moved to a more westerly direction and so marks were moved around so that races could be run in the opposite direction.

Racing was mostly very tight between the top four or five boats with places often only decided in the last few meters to the finish line.  Occasionally, a boat would get a good breeze off the start line and have a commanding lead by the first mark and then keep or even extend this lead by the finish.  By the end of the day, conditions had become very difficult at times with significant gusts causing boats to lose control if you were in the wrong place on the course when the gust hit. Everyone seemed happy to finish at race 10 with the conditions as they were.

Graham Elliott made the best of the conditions with his Britpop, taking the day by winning seven out of the ten races.  Brad Gibson sailing his Red Wine was second with a consistent set of results including one first, that very rarely saw him out of second place.  John Brierley in a Britpop rounded out the podium in third place and another win, with Peter Baldwin taking the other win in his Lintel MMX.

Thanks once again must go to Bernie and Jack for running the racing and Joyce for providing a hot cuppa at break time.

  1. Graham Elliott             9                 9pts
  2. Brad Gibson                  2                 17pts
  3. John Brierley               84               27pts
  4. David Potter                20               32pts
  5. Peter Baldwin             63               34pts
  6. Martin Roberts            55              37pts
  7. Neil Westbrook            03              53pts
  8. Lawrence Drennan     57              60pts
  9. John Berry                     112              73pts
  10. Howard Garner             67             74pts
  11. Alan Watkinson            23              77pts
  12. Chris Chatfield                7               80pts
  13. Vicky Gibson                  62              89pts
  14. John Pemerton             114            106pts
  15. Charles Legg                   25            110pts
  16. Dave Williams                33            117pts
  17. Ray Woods                       51            122pts
  18. Mike Williamson          43            133pts

Ten races sailed.  The next event in the IOM Winter series is on Saturday 25th January.

DragonForce Winter Series #1 8/1/20

A new year, the start of a new series and a new look to Birkenhead’s lake, for the 10 DF65s today.  Warm and overcast with light winds was the order of the day, with some very close racing, which was reflected in the final scores.
The battle at the pointy end of the fleet was one between John, Neil, Alan and Richard.
John and Neil tied on 16 points with John breaking the tie with 5 firsts to Neil’s 3.  The third and fourth places were even closer with both Alan and Richard tied with one first each and requiring the number of seconds to split the tie in Alan’s favour.  Dave Williams, after using his discards with servo damage, then put some solid races together to finish 5th.  These One Design boats are certainly providing close racing!
With ALL the trees now removed from around the lake, the club starts a new season with enhanced sailing conditions.

  1. John Brierley              16pts     5 x 1sts
  2. Neil Westbrook          16pts     3 x 1sts
  3. Alan Watkinson         29pts     1 x 1st, 3 x 2nds
  4. Richard Robinson     29pts     1 x 1st, 1 x 2nds
  5. Dave Williams            36pts
  6. Mike St Paer                41pts
  7. John Carling                45pts
  8. Dave Pickup                 49pts
  9. Richard Walker          54pts
  10. Chris Weston               69pts

10 races sailed.
Once again big thanks to Ernie for keeping us all in check.

Next Saturday is the third of the IOM winter series, start time 12:00. Wind looks to be from the Gautby Road End, so do come and see how the conditions have improved with the trees no longer there.

New Year and New View

Happy New Year to all our Members

Members may be interested to know that work has started in removing trees on the North side of the lake, leading to a new outlook whilst sailing!  This should further improve the flow of wind across the lake over a wider range of wind directions. With work still ongoing, here are some photos taken earlier today, Friday 3/1/20 by Club Captain Andrew Peter.  There will be a totally new view for you when you are next at the lakeside.

Next racing dates are for DF65 on Wednesday 8th at 11:00 and for IOM the Winter Series No 3 on Saturday 11th at 12:00.

RG65 & DF65 Winter Series #2 Report & Results

A nice 6 to 8 knots straight down the lake from the clubhouse greeted the 10 sailors today for the second of the RG65 & DF65 Winter Series.  There were four visitors (only 3 sailing) from Gresford who helped swell the DF65 fleet to 5 and five club Pocket Rocket’s competing in the RG65 section.  Racing got underway very shortly after 12:00 with a Windward/Leeward course and separate windward marks for each fleet, well set-out by John Brierley.

In the DF65 fleet, Richard Robinson had the best day winning eight of the eleven races, with visitor David Bradley pushing him hard later in the day for two wins and the final win taken by Andrew Peter, before he had to leave early.  As the light faded Richard was a clear winner on 10 points, David second on 19 and Bob Andrews (Gresford) in third, only three points ahead of Russel Owens (Gresford), who improved markedly during the day to be one of the top three at the end.

The RG65 fleet ended up being a two way fight for the top spot between Peter Baldwin and John Brierley, although both Neil Westbrook and Alan Watkinson also had spells at the front of the fleet during many of the races.  At the end, Peter scraped the overall win with six firsts to John’s five, having overtaken John in the last race just30 metres to the line.  A day of very close racing much of the time, with no clear indication of the “right way” up the beat and lots of guessing going on which sometimes paid off.  A day that ended with only a light 3 knot breeze when a light keel seemed to pay off.

Thanks once again to Bernie for running the racing today – the last racing at Birkenhead in 2019.  See you in 2020 on January 8th (DF65) or 11th (IOM)

DF65 Fleet

  1. Richard Robinson           01      10pts
  2. David Bradley                    98     19pts
  3. Rob Andrews                     835    30pts
  4. Russel Owens                    903    33pts
  5. Andrew Peter                     919    38pts

RG65 Fleet

  1. Peter Baldwin                    63      12pts
  2. John Brierley                     84       13pts
  3. Alan Watkinson                23       26pts
  4. Neil Westbrook                  03      33pts
  5. David Williams                  33       41pts

Seasonal Greetings from the Commodore

Lynn and I would like to wish all our members and sailing friends a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

We thank you for your support over the past year and look forward to seeing old and new friends at Birkenhead in 2020.

John Brierley.

RG65/DF65 Winter Series Round 2

The second round of the RG65/DF65 Winter series takes place on Saturday 21st December with a start time of 12:00.   Both classes will start on the same line, with the DF65 sailing to a separate windward mark at a reduced distance compared to the RG65.  Results will be calculated as two separate fleets.

This is a series open to all sailors in the Northern District and visitors are always welcome.