DF65 Winter Series 21st Feb 2018

Light winds meant the biggest ripples were caused by the geese and swans, but 6 races were still completed over a medium length windward/leeward course.

  1. John Brierley 5 Pts
  2. Roger Lincoln 12
  3. Sally Collings 17
  4. Dave Pickup 21
  5. Andrew Peter 23
  6. Neil Westbrook 24
  7. Ernie Rice 28


DF65 Winter Series 14th Feb 2018

Once again the Dragonforce Winter Series lived up to its name, with sleet, hail, strong winds and iced over puddles on the lakeside path.

Roger panicked as he had left the bag containing his warm hat and gloves at home, but breathed a sigh of relief when he realised that his transmitter was also in the bag so he had a good excuse not to sail!

The rest of the hardy sailors  started off with “B” rigs, but soon switched down to using “C” rigs with the strong gusts causing problems, particularly  at the starts.

Despite the conditions, 9 races were completed allowing 2 discards.

  1. Neil Westbrook 10 Pts
  2. John Brierley 12
  3. Alan Watkinson 14
  4. Andrew Peter 19 (One 1st)
  5. Dave Pickup 19 (No 1sts)
  6. Dave Williams 22
  7. Sally Collings 28

IOM 2017/18 Winter Series #5 (10/02/18) – Results

What the forecast said and what we got were miles apart, a decent 5mph wind from the NW-N-NE was what settled in by the 1pm, on the dot, start, not the 15mph Easterly that was expected.

Another good turn out of 12 boats,  with Martin, Graham, John and Dave all hoping to take full advantage of the fact that series leader Paul Allen was busy eating escargot and sipping the finest Moet in Paris for Jude’s 40th, must have been a difficult decision for the lad to take.

Sailing was challenging all afternoon with the starboard shifts coming as often as Martin buys a round, so when one was sniffed out, it had to be taken.

Graham and Martin, both sailing their Widgets, traded blows for 8 of the 9 races completed, the other was a TKO as Martin forgot to switch the boat on before launching, lessons to be learnt even after 40 years of radio sailing at the top. The sailing was very close at times as the shifts and gusts compressed the fleet in many races and nothing was to be taken for granted as Dave Williams found out in race 6, rounding the final mark 5 lengths clear after leading the entire race he was cruelly left in 4th position at the finish, as Dave does, a smile and a shrug, most would of resorted to gutter mutterings and kicking the coffee table, not Dave though.

Of the 9 races completed there were race wins for 4 skippers, Emelio, Dave Potter, Martin and Graham. Bill also showed a bit of the old spark in races 4 and 9 with two solid second places that left him just off the podium in 4th as it was Graham, Martin and Dave Potter that took the top three positions for the day and turning the temperature up to gas mark 9 for Paul and the final 2 races of the series.

Thanks again must go to Jack, Bernie and Joyce, without you, we couldn’t go racing.

  1. Graham Elliott 9 Pts
  2. Martin Roberts 17
  3. Dave Potter 23
  4. Bill Culshaw 27
  5. John Brierley 31
  6. Emilio Gonzalez 36
  7. Neil Westbrook 39
  8. Alan Watkinson 47
  9. Dave Williams 56
  10. Gary Benson 58
  11. Chris Chatfield 64
  12. Sally Collings 72

9 races sailed.

DF65 Winter Series 31st Jan 2018

They don’t call it the “Winter Series” for nothing  – a crazy days sailing today with a strong wind, heavy snow and hail showers that hurt!


  1. John Brierley 7 Pts
  2. Neil Westbrook 9
  3. Andrew Peter 20
  4. Alan Watkinson 21
  5. Colin Deakin 23
  6. Dave Pickup 41

8 races sailed.

Given the conditions, Sally probably regretted volunteering to be Race Officer.

IOM 2017/18 Winter Series #4 (27/01/18)

Another fantastic turn out for round 4 of the Birkenhead Winter Series. A number of guests joined us today, including Mick Cooper from the Lincoln club sailing his TNT, Gary Benson from Fleetwood sailing his Arrival and Chris Chatfield  sailing his flat deck Widget to a high standard, definitely one to be watched when he takes possession of his new Fraktel. Once again, Martin, Graham and Mike chose to sail their Widgets on the day.

The wind was extremely challenging for most of the day with the first 4 races resulting in big gains and even bigger loses to be had, indeed, Dave Potter, Graham Elliott and Mike Allen all fell foul of this early on but it was Martin Roberts and Paul Allen sailing the most consistently to take the lead into the break.

After tea, the wind straightened significantly and we had a first race win by returning skipper and dinghy expert Mike Allen sailing grey 9 BritPOP! There was also some consistent sailing from John Brierley and the unlucky Emilio who was quite cruelly taken out by most of the fleet whilst rounding the final mark in 2nd position in one race.

The day belonged to Paul and Martin who both sailed extremely well in tricky conditions.

Yet again, thanks to Bernie and Jack for running the race and also John for wearing the waders to set the buoys, much appreciated.

  1. Paul Allen 13 Pts (Countback to 4th places)
  2. Martin Roberts 13
  3. Graham Elliott 23 (One 1st)
  4. John Brierley 23
  5. Derek Priestley 24
  6. Dave Potter 29
  7. Mike Allen 35
  8. Mike Parkington 46
  9. Bill Culshaw 54
  10. Dave Williams 56
  11. Peter Baldwin 58
  12. Neil Westbrook 61
  13. Emilio Gonzalez 66
  14. Roger Lincoln 71
  15. Andrew Peter 75
  16. Alan Watkinson 78
  17. Gary Benson 89 (One 9th)
  18. Mick Cooper 89
  19. Chris Chatfield 92
  20. Sally Collings 94
  21. Colin Deakin 105
  22. Sue Parkington 106

No racing at Birkenhead next weekend, but IOM sailors can venture to an open meeting at Doncaster on 4th February and the Dragonflite/Dragonforce TT is at West Lancs for Saturday and Sunday.


DF65 Winter Series 24th Jan 2018

11 skippers sailing with ‘A’ rigs and wind “over the houses” so quite random in terms of both strength and direction.

John Brierley again showing the rest of the fleet a clean pair of heels.

  1. John Brierley 8 Pts
  2. Roger Lincoln 25
  3. Neil Westbrook 26
  4. Andrew Peter 28
  5. Alan Watkinson 35
  6. Ernie Rice 41
  7. Colin Deakin 42
  8. Dave Pickup 45
  9. Dave Williams 47
  10. Sally Collings 57
  11. Richard Walker 69

10 races sailed.