IOM CC5, 15/6/13

1. Brad Gibson,   14 pts
2. Graham Elliott,   16
3. Chris Harris,   24
4. Rob McIntosh,   29
5. Dave Potter,   38
6. Graham Birkett,   38
7. Vernon Gee,   56
8. Colin Smith,   58
9. Dave Burke,   68
10. Bill Culshaw,   70
11. John Fozard,   71
12. Greg Burke,   79
13. Victoria Gibson,   94
14. Kris Morrow,   97
15. Les Kewn,   102
16. Jimmy Dennis,   131


Lake Clean Up
This coming Saturday, 15/6/13, 10am

Our Club Captain Jim Findlay and his team have made a great job of the Club House and now in readiness for the upcoming IOM Ranking Race as a group we need to make sure that all is spot on to put on the best possible event. We need as many members as possible to make this happen, so we would ask that all members please be at the Club House from 10am prior to IOM racing from 2pm.

It’s your club.

IOM Ranking Race

This is the final call for any club members wishing to event the event to do so through either the MYA online system or to contact Brad directly with an official entry. Do not expect just to show up on the day unannounced as you may be disappointed.
Notice of Race
Entry List

RM CC4, 8/6/13

Light A rig conditions with 8 starters saw Victoria taking the win from Bill on a countback, with Trevor Jenkins closer behind in third.

1. Victoria Gibson,   20
2. Bill Culshaw,   20
3. Trevor Jenkins*,   24
4. Brad Gibson,   26
5. Vernon Gee,   29
6. Jim Findlay,   32
7. Les Kewn,   49
8. David Catherall,   55

10 races
* visitor


Northern District 10R Ranking Cancelled

Due to a lack of entries the decision to cancel has been made on this race. There will be a club race for any 10R skippers wishing to turn up on the day from 2pm.

IOM CC4, 25/5/13

Round 4 of the IOM Club Championship saw a light and variable north westerly wind. Racing at the front was close with Brad and Darin having to go to count back having scored the same number of wins. All competitors enjoyed the sunny conditions with some moving on for debrief at The Carnarvon Castle.

1. Brad Gibson,   11 pts
2. Darin Ballington,   11
3. Dave Burke,   31
4. Paul Stubbs,   38
5. Jim Findlay,   40
6. Bill Culshaw,   47
7. Vernon Gee,   52
8. Ernie Rice,   53
9. Colin Smith,   57
10. John Fozard,   61
11. Kris Morrow*,   80
12. Les Kewn,   89

10 races
* visitor