Well done to Birkenhead members who competed at the IOM Ranking Race at Castle Semple. Full report, results and pictures can be found on the event website HERE


For any skippers interested in competing at this years Radio Marblehead National Championship at Fleetwood, Notice of Race is available and online entries can be made HERE through the MYA website. This event will feature some of the best skippers in the country and from abroad looking to fine tune their boats for this year’s upcoming World Championships in France.
Even if not entering why not plan to come up and have a look over the weekend 23-24 June.
Event website now up HERE


Club Racing
This coming weekend, 12/5/12, is the 3rd round of the IOM Club Championship, incorparating the IOM Veterans Club Championship. Racing starts at 2pm sharp


With thanks to Bill Culshaw for the initiative, we are now also running a Veterans IOM Club Championship in conjunction with the overall Championship within the club. All members over 60 years of age are included with the top 3 places over the season being awarded prizes donated by both Housemartin Sails and BG Sails & Design. Scoring positions are noted on the left hand column of the overall scores updated after each round, posted HERE.

This coming weekend 12 club members are travelling to Castle Semple, Scotland for round 2 of the IOM Ranking. Skipper lists and results can be found HERE.

Club racing this weekend is for the Fleur de Lys 10R Cup, starting from 2pm.

RM Hornby Cup, 28/4/12

The Hornby Cup for Radio Marbleheads had 11 skippers in total with some very close racing had in the gusty NE conditions. Setting a true course with a long beating leg was tricky at times, but there was enough shifting in the wind to reward those who worked had for it. It was great to see relative RM newcomers Bill Culshaw and Jim Findlay scoring low scores, along with the re-emergence of World Champion Martin Roberts sailing #55 joining in from race 6 onwards. With the prospect of a couple more boats joining us soon, the RMs at Birkenhead are strengthening once again, come and join us.

1. Brad Gibson,   8 pts
2. Bill Culshaw,   20
3. Jim Findlay,   27
4. Dave Wayt,   33
5. Vernon Gee,   40
6. Dave Williams,   45
7. Ernie Rice,   47
8. Martin Roberts,   50
9. Charles Lyth,   65
10. Colin Galvin,   88
11. George Laverick,   91

IOM Club Championship 2, 21/4/12

18 skippers took part in often tricky B suit conditions from the NW blowing generally down the middle of the lake. The racing was extremely close amongst the fleet with some very good individual performances throughout the day.
Progressive Club Championship results are updated and posted here.

1.  Brad Gibson,   9 pts
2. Martin Roberts,   16
3. Graham Elliott,   21
4. Richard Hampson,   31
5. Victoria McNulty,  32
6. Bill Culshaw,   56
7. Dave Williams,   57
8. Colin Smith,   58
9. Ernie Rice,   65
10. Dave Burke,   68
11. Vernon Gee,   87
12. Colin Galvin,   91
13. Dave Wayt,   94
14. Frank Smedley,   97
15. Roy Washbrook,   99
16. Jim Findlay,   114
17. David Pickup,   119
18. David Catherall,   131

800 Open Class Racing 1, 21/4/12

Our first race day for our Open Class smaller boats was well attended with 10 skippers taking part in total. Racing was held using the staggered windward mark RYGGED system to keep things interesting with all skippers and boats improving as races wore on. It was great to see the next generation of Roberts’ skippers enjoying the racing and it is hoped that future days more skippers will join in for some fun racing.
Thanks to PROs Brad Gibson and Dave Burke.

1. Charles Lyth,   Own Design,   14 pts
2. Bernie McNulty,   Micro Magic,   15
3. Terry Roberts,   Victoria,   16
4. Victoria McNulty,   Micro Magic,   20
5. Ernie Rice,   Micro Magic,   22
6. Jim Findlay,   Micro Magic,   23
7. Dave Williams,   Victoria,   45
8. David Pickup,   Victoria,   46
Zak Roberts,   Micro Magic
Sam Roberts,   Micro Magic