Northern District IOM Winter Series, 8/3/14

1. Brad Gibson,   16 pts

2. Graham Elliott,   25
3. Martin Roberts,   45
4. Darin Ballington,   52
5. Graham Birkett,   61
6. Colin Smith,   86
7. Bill Culshaw,   88
8. Paul Stubbs,   94
9. Terry Rensch,   108
10. Dave Williams,   114
11. Graham Whalley,   123
12. Ernie Rice,   130
13. Tracey Ballington,   157
15 races
*scores provisional

IOM Winter Series 8, 22/2/14

Forecast for 22/2/14

Well we reached the final race of the Birkenhead Winter Series, hoping for some let up in the extreme weather conditions that seemed to last all winter. We were in luck, the wind had eased a little from previous weeks, however we were met with sunny conditions and a stiff breeze, but the direction wasn’t best suited for the angle of the lake. Nevertheless, this helped in reducing the full impact of the wind, which meant we settled for our top suits. Again with a swirling and gusty wind, making it tricky to find the correct sail trim for the mere mortals.

16 skippers presented promptly for the start with Mr Gibson launching his latest machine for the first time. Jack proudly blew his new whistle – time to race.

6 races were completed in time for that well earned brew with Brad taking the early lead with Graham Elliott closely behind and the rest of the fleet were left to work out how they could improve for the second session (maybe taking the odd cheeky glance at others trim!). Kris Morrow showed early promise in a borrowed boat from Ernie, however Brad & Graham continued to adapt well to the challenging conditions and with 10 races completed, Brad eventually took the day and Graham the winter series.

After a hard and testing series, which saw perhaps wildest and windiest conditions for many a year, the winter series has finally come to an end. The deserved and overall winter series winner being Graham, who gave a master class in boat trim and handling throughout the series (damn it, Graham!), well-done Graham, it was great to take part and also watch. Full results HERE.

With the ‘apres sail’ completed, we now look forward to the start of the summer series and preparing for the upcoming National Ranking events, with some of our members dipping their boats into the International pond scene (well, Castle Semple, Scotland in April).

Many thanks again, to what has to be the jolliest race control team, Jack, Ernie & Bernie, no matter what the conditions. Under the most dire weather this winter, they have managed to keep the start line honest (well almost). A special thanks to Jack for bringing the milk & biscuits for the half time brew, Ernie for keeping the finishing sheets out of the lake (well almost) and Bernie for bringing some sanity to the proceedings.

The next IOM event to be held at Birkenhead is the final round of the Northern District Winter Series, on the 8th March. Enter online HERE.
With the current World, European & UK Champion in attendance and with many more former World & National Champions competing, this has the makings of being an absolute cracker. This event could be described as first ‘Major’ of what promises to be an extremely exciting 2014 season.
For any aspiring IOM skipper this has to be the event to attend and everyone is most welcome. Further details can found from either the Birkenhead or MYA website.
So, if you do not fancy taking part, at least pop down to see some of the latest yacht and sail designs from around the world and watch how the guys at the top of our sport, go about their daily business.

Race Report by Dave Burke

1. Brad Gibson,   11 pts
2. Graham Elliott,   16
3. Dave Burke,   24
4. Martin Roberts,   34
5. Dave Potter,   42
6. John Taylor*,   44
7. Graham Birkett,   44
8. Kris Morrow,   54
9. Victoria Gibson,   62
10. Neil Westbrook,   65
11. Bill Culshaw,   69
12. Colin Smith,   77
13. Dave Williams,   88
14. Damian Ackroyd*,   122
15. Les Kewn,   128
16. David Staniforth,   129

10 races

IOM Winter Series 7, 8/2/14

Forecast for Saturday 8th Feb 2017

With heavy winds and rain battering Britain, the forecast looked a little extreme and a little ‘draughty’ to say the least.

However, with the wind coming from the SSE/SE direction, it did provide the lake with some shelter, but brought with it interesting shifts along with big gusts.

10 competitors arrived for the 12.00 start, including Terry Trench (Guilford MYC) and Vernon Appleton (Coal House) who made a 660 mile round trip.

After some deliberation, we all settled for the 2nd suits, with the swirling wind and heavy gusts making the boat trim tricky.

Six races were completed before the compulsory brew, which saw Graham taking the lead with the rest of the pack following closely behind.

10 races were completed allowing two discards and with 5 different race winners, Graham eventually took the day.

Many thanks again to the race team Jack, Ernie & Bernie, again doing a sterling job in keeping the racing skipping along.

If you’re thinking about starting model yacht racing, a novice or hot shot wanting to test your skills at arguably the hottest club racing available in the UK on a weekly basis, then do not hesitate to call in at Birkenhead. All visitors will be made very welcome and friendly advice given when needed.

Refer to the web site for contact information and the race calendar.

Race Report by Dave Burke

1. Graham Elliott,   11 pts
2. Graham Birkett,   20
3. Bill Culshaw,   23
4. Dave Burke,   26
5. Colin Smith,   46
6. Vernon Appleton*,   48
7. Dave Pickup,   50
8. Terry Rensch,   53
9. Martin Roberts,   58
10. Dave Williams,   64

10 races
* visitor

IOM Winter Series 6, 25/1/14

Wow!……… Well that was exciting.
The forecast indicated South Westerly squalls of 22 mph with 38 mph gusts, however, we were greeted with bright skies and a swirling 10 mph breeze in 10°C.
So after we had all trimmed our tops suits, the weather decided it was time to follow the forecast……….. all change to the second suits!
With nine skippers hoping to test their skills and boats, it was Graham who proceeded to dominatein the difficult conditions, at one time a 50mph squall came through, putting white horses on top of white horses – time for that brew?
The wind now shifted further west and was now blowing straight down the lake increasing the wave height. The fleet was split between those that changed down to the third suit and those that remained with the second.
It was now a gamble on when and where the gusts hit the race track.
Graham continued to dominate, however the racing was extremely tight throughout for the rest of the fleet.
Newcomer to model yachting and the Club, Tom Clarke, showed good pace in patches and is hoping for calmer conditions next time out.
With 9 races completed and boats retiring, it was time to call it a day.
Many thanks to the Race Team – Ernie, Jack & Bernie for braving the elements and keeping the racing moving along on a very trying day.
Lets hope for better weather next time round, which will hopefully tempt a few more members.
Race Report by Dave Burke
1. Graham Elliott,   7 pts
2. Dave Burke,   21
3. Dave Potter,   24 (count back to 4th places)
4. Bill Culshaw,   24
5. Martin Roberts,   33
6. Dave Williams,   35
7. John Fozard,   41
8. Dave Pickup,   47
9. Colin Smith,   62
10. Tom Clarke,   74
9 races