Micro Magic Open Race

Sundays racing was the Micro Magic Open Race with 7 visiting skippers joining Victoria and Bernie for a total of 9. Shifting winds and the unannounced arrival of power boat members made this a difficult day. In the end after 14 races John Tushingham was the clear winner on 16 points.

1. John Tushingham,   16
2. David Staniforth,   35
3. Liz Tushingham,   38
4. Andrew Benson,   38
5. Keith Coxon,   40
6. Barrie Norman,   70
7. Adam Foley,   78
8. Bernie McNulty,   94
9. Victoria McNulty,   96

IOM Trophy Race, 21/7/12

A full fleet of 21 boats for a light and variable NW wind. It was good to have Graham Birkett join us along with Greg Burke sailing his first IOM race day. We hope to see these guys with us again soon.

1. Brad Gibson,   9 pts
2. Rob Walsh,   25
3. Graham Birkett,   28
4. Graham Elliott,   31
5. Darin Ballington,   37
6. Victoria McNulty,   45
7. Richard Hampson,   54
8. John Tushingham,   57
9. Bill Culshaw,   68
10. Dave Burke,   76
11. Dave Williams,   85
12. Colin Smith,   85
13. Vernon Gee,   91
14. David Staniforth,   96
15. Martin Roberts,   107
16. Ernie Rice,   107
17. Jim Findlay,   108
18. Liz Tushingham,   131
19. David Pickup,   135
20. Greg Burke,   150
21. Dave Wayt,   164

Open 800 Racing 4, 26/5/12

A great turn out for our Open 800 Racing on Saturday, results as follows:

1. Victoria McNulty, Micro Magic,   18 pts
2. Jim Findlay, Micro Magic,   19
3. Liz Tushingham, Micro Magic,   21
4. Bernie McNulty, Micro Magic,   21
5. #21, Victoria,   26
6. David Staniforth, Micro Magic,   28
7. Dave Williams, Victoria,   31
8. John Tushingham, RG65,   33
9. Erine Rice, Micro Magic,   34
10. Terry Roberts, Victoria,   5411. #40, Victoria,   5712. Barrie Norman, RG65,   6013. #J-10, Victoria,   6514. #00, Victoria,   77

8 races

10R Else Cup, 14/7/12

A lovely B suit breeze of 8-12 knots with the occasional gust a little higher made for some great racing. A good fleet of 11 boats with the dual rated Marbleheads of Brad, Martin and Rob taking the podium places.

1. Brad Gibson,   10 pts
2. Martin Roberts,   21
3. Rob Walsh,   31
4. Bill Culshaw,   49
5. Ernie Rice,   52
6. Jim Findlay,   53
7. Vernon Gee,   60
8. Dave Williams,   75
9. Dave Wayt,   79
10. Colin Galvin,   86
11. George Laverick,   109

IOM Veterans National Championship, 7-8/7/12

The 2012 UK IOM Veterans Championships were held under mostly sunny skies for this 2 day event. Saturday’s racing was in a light A rig SE breeze with the full length of the lake used and skippers getting plenty of exercise. At the front of the fleet Mick Chamberlain and Mark Dennis were putting in low scoring results which at days end had them clear of 3rd place. Throughout the fleet there were some very close races with consistency proving difficult for some in the shifting winds.

Sunday dawned with a light NW breeze that threatened to build to B suit at times before fading late in the day. Once again the full length of the lake was used for a true sailing test. Mark Dennis continued to chip away with some solid results which was enough for him to take out the Championship. Big mover of the day was Colin Smith after a long layoff who moved from 10th place over night to a comfortable 3rd place overall. Other skippers to shine throughout the day were Mick Chamberlain, Clive Hand, Ernie Rice, Noel Donaldson, David Alston and Bill Culshaw with high place finishes. At 3.45pm and the unlikelyhood of another full round, racing was completed and the prizegiving held in the Clubhouse. PRO Brad Gibson thanked and commended all skippers on their sportsmanship and conduct making his job an easy one.

Along with prizes awarded to the top 5 place, the following awards were also presented:
Sportsman – Brian Quinn
Top Observer – David Alston
Most Races Sailed – Don Charlesworth

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A big thank you to the Birkenhead team who assisted in the running of the event:
Victoria McNulty, Lisa Reeves, Bernie McNulty, Graham Elliott, Dave Burke,
Stan Baker, Neil Westbrook, Rona Galvin and Joyce Roberts.
A special mention to our course lad Andrew Benson who worked constantly to keep the course clear and the marks in the right place.
PRO Brad Gibson

RM Alpha Cup, 30/6/12

A big thank you to the club members who turned for our second Clean Up of the year in preparation for next weekends IOM National Veterans Championship.

RM racing took place with 10 boats in a tricky SW breeze which made the going tough for competitors. The wind was gusting anywhere between light A rig to hard C rig and Martin Roberts showed a return to form with a solid performance.

1. Martin Roberts,   12 pts
2. Brad Gibson,   19
3. Richard Hampson,   23
4. Vernon Gee,   31
5. Jim Findlay,   32
6. Bill Culshaw,   40
7. Victoria McNulty,   46
8. Ernie Rice,   50
9. Colin Galvin,   71
10. George Laverick,   78