IOM Handicap Race, 30/3/13

Racing was preceeded by another clean up of the lake and clubhouse with a big thanks once again to those members who made the effort to turn up and help our club.
The racing was run under a handicap persuit system as per previous years with some very close finishes throughout the fleet in light tricky A rig conditions. Consistent sailing gave Graham Birkett the win on the day on count back over Dave Burke, with Dave Williams pipping Bill Culshaw for third place on another count back.

1. Graham Birkett,   25 pts
2. Dave Burke,   25
3. Dave Williams,   33
4. Bill Culshaw,   33
5. Brad Gibson,   34
6. Ernie Rice,   37
7. Jim Findlay,   39
8. Dave Pickup,   45
9. Colin Smith,   62
10. Frank Smedley,   63
11. Les Kewn,   70
12. Jim Dennis,   100

10 races

IOM CC1, 16/3/13

1. Brad Gibson,   8 pts
2. Graham Elliott,   18
3. Josh King*,   25
4. Graham Birkett,   27
5. Martin Roberts,   34
6. Dave Burke,   46
7. Greg King*,   50
8. Dave Potter,   61
9. Colin Smith,   65
10. Dave Williams,   77
11. Ernie Rice,   78
12. Dave Pickup,   86

10 races
* visitors

Northern District IOM Winter Series, 24/2/13

Twenty skippers arrived to a few light and tricky east-north-easterly breezy. Consistency over the day saw Brad Gibson take the win from a close group of John Tushingham in second, Martin Roberts in third, Rob Walsh in fourth and Darin Ballington in fifth. We would like to thank all skippers who travelled and took part in fine spirits in the challenging conditions. Thanks also to our race team Jack, Bernie, Victoria, Dave, Jim and Andrew.

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RM Winter Series 5, 23/2/13

Saturday saw the final round of the club Marblehead Winter Series with Bill Culshaw not only taking the win on the day in light to fickle A suit conditions, but going on to win the overall event from Brad Gibson and Ernie Rice. This was the first year we have run a Marblehead Winter Series at the club and after attracting 10 entries, we look to an even bigger fleet throughout the year with a few regulars returning.

1. Bill Culshaw,   8
2. Brad Gibson,   13
3. Ernie Rice,   18
4. Darin Ballington,   19
5. Jim Findlay,   20
6. Victoria McNulty,   24
7. Dave Pickup,   39
8. Les Kewn,   43

8 races