RG65 2017 National Championships Results

  1. Graham Elliott
  2. Dave Potter
  3. Mark Dicks

Congratulations to Graham Elliott on winning the RG65 Nationals by a resounding margin with 18 wins from the 24 races sailed.

Race Officer Peter Baldwin presents Graham Elliott with the trophy
Race Officer Peter Baldwin presents Graham Elliott with the trophy

Full results sheet below (click to enlarge).  Photos to follow.

RG65 Nationals – Day 1

The Good

The Bad (Green slime)

Green slimeGreen slime

The Ugly

Its probably unfair to post photos here – so we’ll just give you the results at the end of day one instead!

The day started with a steady north westerly wind blowing down the lake, with occasional lulls and stronger periods. This then decreased in strength during the afternoon before a tea break was held (it was then observed that the anemometer direction vane was going around faster than the rotating cups!). The day finished in sunshine with the wind increasing and fortunately none of the forecast showers reached us all day.

Nine races were held, with David Potter being the model of consistency with 3rd being his lowest place, Mark Dicks snapping at his heels, but Graham Elliott holding the overnight lead with five 1st places.


RG65 #3 Results 17th June 2017

  1. John Tushingham 14 Pts
  2. David Potter 16
  3. John Brierley 24
  4. Phil Holliday 41
  5. Ernie Rice 56
  6. Alan Watkinson 56 (countback on 5th places)
  7. Andrew Peter 64
  8. Sally Collings 64 (countback on 6th places)
  9. Malcolm Harvey 88
  10. Peter Baldwin RTD