RG65/DF65 “Popup” Results

Despite the weather forecast of snow and ice it was good to see 16 sailors turn up at the lake for the “Popup” Open.

They were greeted with flat calm, followed not much later by a hailstorm, but fortunately after that the wind filled in from the end of the lake allowing racing to start. By the second race, a squally shower ran through causing many of the fleet to go running for their “B” rigs – only to see the wind drop slightly for race 3.

This was a pattern that repeated itself throughout the day until racing was finally concluded with both wind and light fading.

Current RG65 National Champion Graham Elliott sailing another borrowed boat managed to win overall, although he didn’t have it all his own way, winning ‘only’ 3 of the 8 races sailed.

Roger Lincoln headed up the Dragonforce fleet in a very tight finish which required a countback on places to confirm the win.

As usual, huge thanks to Bernie for officiating in the cold, and to Joyce for supplying us with hot drinks in the breaks, and many thanks to John Brierley for organising and promoting the event and providing the prizes.

  1. Graham Elliott 10 Pts
  2. Mike Parkington 15
  3. Dave Potter 16
  4. Martin Roberts 21
  5. Roy Stevens 26
  6. Sue Parkington 28
  7. Derek Priestley 29
  8. John Brierley 32
  9. Roger Lincoln 52   (1st DF65)
  10. Andrew Peter 52 (2nd DF65)
  11. Chris Chatfield 58 (3rd DF65)
  12. Ernie Rice 63 (4th DF65)
  13. Dave Williams 65 (5th DF65)
  14. Alan Watkinson 68 (6th DF65)
  15. Garry Benson 74 (7th DF65)
  16. Sally Collings 76 (8th DF65)

RG65 “Popup” Open 9th December

We are holding an RG65/DF65 pop-up open day at the Birkenhead lake on 9th December.

With the current RG65 National Champion intending to compete along with many of the clubs Dragonforce 65 sailors, good competition should be available at all levels.

Racing will start promptly at 11:30 and the club will be open from 10.30 for practice.

Entry is £1 for all and is open to non-members.
Prizes for best RG65 and DF65.

Tea/coffee and light refreshments will be available but you should bring your own lunch.

Pay on the day, but please email John Brierley (john@atoma.co.uk) with your entry ASAP.


Confirmed Entries

Graham Elliott
Martin Roberts
Roger Lincoln
John Brierley
Sally Collings
Andrew Peter
Ernie Rice
Alan Watkinson
Sue Parkington
Mike Parkington
Damian Ackroyd
Derek Priestley
David Williams
Garry Benson
Dave Pickup
Chris Chatfield
Roy Stevens

RG65 #6 Results 26th Aug 2017

Despite storm “Brian” rapidly approaching, everyone started the racing with “A” rigs – very rapidly changing to “B” rigs as the wind picked up.

Water in electrics caused a few problems, not just because of submarining, but also due to the incessant rain!

  1. John Brierley 9 Pts
  2. Mike Parkington 20
  3. Sue Parkington 22
  4. Alan Watkinson 30
  5. Sally Collings 42
  6. Dave Williams 44
  7. Dave Potter RTD
  8. Malcolm Harvey RTD

10 races sailed

Provisional Series results are available here

Next weekend sees the conclusion of the IOM series 3 racing, so be sure to be there.

Watch this space for details of the popular winter series coming soon.

RG65 #5 Results 26th Aug 2017

Another sunny day with the wind blowing down the lake. All boats were DF65s

After 16 races only 2 points split the front two skippers.

  1. Roger Lincoln 18 Pts
  2. Alan Watkinson 20
  3. Ernie Rice 37
  4. Dave Williams 43
  5. Malcolm Harvey 58