IOM 18th August 2018 – Results

Another great day’s sailing in the most difficult of wind directions, South East, this wind direction can make the best skippers in the World look like idiots at times.  13 skippers making the most of the final tune-up session before next week’s National Championships at Fleetwood.

The racing was extremely close at times with the chasing bunch bringing the wind in many races, blanket finishes of 4 boats within inches of each other was not uncommon.

The 6 races before tea were closely fought between John Brierley, Dave Potter and Graham Elliott with good results also being gained by Chris Chatfield scoring top 3 results in races 2 and 5.

After tea it was much the same story between the top 3,  but Bill Culshaw also started to mix it up with some great results and taking a win in the final race. Lawrence also had a very well deserved win in race 8.

Many thanks to Bernie and Joyce for running the race and supplying the tea at half time, Jack having a well deserved rest before he hits the tiles tonight.

Good luck to all members entered in next weekends IOM Nationals at Fleetwood.

  1. Graham Elliott 11 Pts
  2. John Brierley 29
  3. Dave Potter 34
  4. Bill Culshaw 35
  5. Chris Chatfield 49
  6. Neil Westbrook 61
  7. Andrew Peter 64
  8. Alan Watkinson 68
  9. Emilio Gonzalez 69
  10. John Berry 78
  11. Lawrence Drennan 79
  12. Dave Williams 105
  13. Steve Toulson 113

12 model yacht races sailed.

IOM 2018 #7 (11/8/18) Report/results

A very challenging SE wind, 5 knots gusting to 9 knots, greeted the 14 skippers, Dave Williams once again put the waders on to set the marks and racing started at 1pm prompt.

Quick out of the starting blocks was Rob Walsh, with a very impressive 3 wins out of the first 6 before the interval, leaving the chasing pack of Martin Roberts, Graham Elliott and Chris Harris with much work to do in the second half.

There were good results for a few skippers after the tea break, noticeably in races 10 and 12 where Alan Watkinson scored an impressive 3rd and 4th, race 11 Chris Chatfield impressed with a 5th, Andrew Peter sailed well to score a 3rd in race 11 and Dave Williams gained a 5th in race 12.

After 12 races sailed it was the current IOM Champion Rob Walsh who took the win. The racing proved to be extremely challenging and entertaining at times, just what you would expect when 2 IOM World Champions lock horns, with another World Champion, Brad Gibson, keeping his eye on the both of them from the bank with the upcoming Nationals in mind.

Thanks again to our resident starters, finishers and tea makers, Bernie and Jack.

  1. Rob Walsh 15 Pts
  2. Graham Elliott 23
  3. Chris Harris 32
  4. Martin Roberts 41
  5. Bill Culshaw 47
  6. Alan Watkinson 58
  7. Victoria Gibson 70
  8. Gary Benson 78
  9. Chris Chatfield 87
  10. Andrew Peter 88
  11. Steve Coulson 91
  12. Dave Williams 94
  13. John Berry 99
  14. Neil Westbrook 104

12 races sailed

IOM 2018 #6 (27/7/18) – Results

An interesting day’s racing with a very unpredictable wind which resulted in several general recalls.

Racing was very close with fortunes often changing in the final beat to the finish.

  1. John Brierley 13 Pts
  2. Bill Culshaw 14
  3. Alan Watkinson 17
  4. John Berry 25
  5. Chris Chatfield 29
  6. Lawrence Drennan 38
  7. Neil Westbrook 41 (1×3, 1×4 3×6)
  8. Dave Pickup 41 (1×3 1×4 2×6)

9 races sailed.

7th July IOM racing postponed

As there are several other regional races taking place on 7th and also the small matter of the England Quarter Final match taking place on the same day we have decided the racing is better moved to an alternative date to ensure a good turnout.

The IOM racing scheduled for 7th July will now be held on 11th August instead.