IOM Club series #13 19/10/19

Sailed in a light NW breeze, the final event of the 2019 IOM Club Series took place on Saturday.  After 10 races, the wins were shared between three of the helms and the end result was as follows:

  1. Bill Culshaw               21       11pts
  2. Alan Watkinson        23      15ts
  3. Lawrence Drennan  57     21pts
  4. Dave Williams            33     24pts

Bill took 5 wins, Alan 3 and Lawrence 2 wins. Thanks once again to Bernie for running the racing.

As this was the last in the series, the overall win went to Bill Culshaw with 673 points, second to Alan Watkinson with 459 and third to John Brierley with 457.  The full series results are on the Current Standings page.

The next IOM event is the Strebor Open on the 2nd November (First Start at 10:00.  It would be good if you could let Graham Elliott know if you intend to enter.  Details and current entry list are here

This is followed by the first Winter (Open) Series which takes place on 9th November (Start time 12:00).

Strebor IOM Open – Date Change to 2/11/19

Please note that the date of the Strebor Open was incorrect in the Calendar and has now been changed to Saturday 2nd November with a first Race start time of 10:00.

The Notice of Race is available to view here.

Entries as per NoR to Graham Elliott, whose contact details are contained in the NoR and are listed on the contacts page.  To gauge entry numbers it would be useful if you could advise Graham of entry before the 2/11/19.

IOM Club Series #12 5/10/19

A good breeze of mid to top end No 1 strength from the clubhouse greeted the 11 sailors as they arrived for this weeks IOM Club racing.  Thanks to John Brierley a good Windward/Leeward course was setup using the whole of the lake and racing got underway soon after 13:00.  Getting a good start and managing the large shifts was critical to success as being in the wrong place could easily see you sink or swim.

The day saw some very close racing at times with the occasional race winner getting well away at the start, never to be seen again by the chasing pack.  There were a total five different race winners during the day, with Brad, Peter and Bill each taking three, Martin having two and Neil one.  Consistency and plenty of top three places  was key to coming out top.  This meant that Brad Gibson (Red Wine) took the award as “Mr Consistency”, with only two results from the 12 races out of the top 3 and the overall win.  Peter Baldwin  (Lintel MMX) was second and John Brierley (Britpop) third with another consistent set of results without having any race wins. A great afternoons sailing with thanks once again to Bernie and “Tea Boy” Jack for running the racing.

The final results were:

  1. Brad Gibson                 2           19pts
  2. Peter Baldwin            63          25pts
  3. John Brierley              84          33pts
  4. Bill Culshaw                21          35pts
  5. Martin Roberts          56          51pts
  6. Neil Westbrook          03          57pts  1x1st
  7. Alan Watkinson         23          57pts
  8. John Berry                    12           70pts
  9. Chris Chatfield             7            78pts
  10. Lawrence Drennan   57           88pts
  11. Dave Williams            33            93pts

Winter Series 2019/2020 for IOM and RG65/DF65

The dates for this years Winter Series have now been published in the 2019 Calendar.

This year there will be a series of 8 afternoons of racing for IOM’s starting on the 9th November.  This follows the Strebor IOM meeting which takes place on the 26th October (Start time 10:00).  In addition, there is also the Xmas Race on 14th December which will this year again be raced in the IOM class (Start Time 10:30)

Due to the success of the RG65/DF65 race days over the Summer, it has been decided that there will also be some events for these classes.  The first of these will take place on Saturday 26th October.

With the reduced light conditions during the Winter, each race day will start at 12:00 rather than the summer time of 13:00, in the hope that this will allow a good number of races to be run before the light goes. No race will start after 16:00.

As a final reminder, the last two afternoons in the Summer Series of IOM racing take place on Saturday the 5th and 19th October.  The last in the series has been changed from 12th October due to a clash with other events.

IOM Club Series #10 7/9/19

A sunny top suit day met the six IOMs to Birkenhead’s tenth race in the club series.
With the wind coming out of the top right hand side of the lake, Race Officer Bernie set a windward / leeward course of two laps.
Martin Roberts sailing his new A2 design from Spain, had winch problems in race one but soon returned to put in a solid performance on its first outing. In between sorting his boat out, a few tips on starting were given to the assembled skippers and John Brierley having taken note, managed to win 8 of the 12 races completed with his Britpop. Chasing him hard were Bill Culshaw(1 win), and Martin(2 wins) with Lawrence Drennan, after winning race 1, edging out the two visitors John Berry and Steve Toulson.

Thanks go to Bernie and Jack for running the event.
  1. John Brierley               Britpop            12 pts
  2. Bill Culshaw                Britpop           23 pts
  3. Martin Roberts           A2                     33pts.
  4. Lawrence Drennan   Britpop          36 pts (1 x1st)
  5. John Berry                    Viper               36 pts
  6. Steve Toulson             Lintel              47pts
    12 races sailed.

IOM Club Series #9 24/08/19

A decent top end No1 SSE wind from the clubhouse this week.  David Potter had a good day in his first race in this Club IOM series now at week 9 winning 6 races sailing the new Dave Williams boat.  Bill took 4 wins and Neil 2 (although that should have been three!).

  1. David Potter                33        15pts
  2. Bill Culshaw                21         20pts
  3. Neil Westbrook         03         29pts
  4. Lawrence Drennan  57         37pts
  5. Alan Watkinson         23        40pts
  6. Steve Toulson             86       53pts

After 12 races sailed