7th July IOM racing postponed

As there are several other regional races taking place on 7th and also the small matter of the England Quarter Final match taking place on the same day we have decided the racing is better moved to an alternative date to ensure a good turnout.

The IOM racing scheduled for 7th July will now be held on 11th August instead.

IOM 2018 #2 – 14th April 2018

A lovely sunny day with a light SE wind kicking in 10 minutes before the start, just after Martin arrived on his bike to be precise! As always with light winds from the SE, plenty of shifts and holes for the 18 skippers to navigate for the 10 races.

We welcomed 3 visitors, Phil Howarth, John Berry and Howard Carver and hope they enjoyed the sailing enough to return. It was also good to welcome back Lawrence Drennan after his enforced break from sailing, well done Lawrence.

A windward leeward course of two laps with a well placed gate at the leeward end was set by Peter Baldwin, the start line was tight at times but also proved to be well placed. Early pace setters were Graham Birkett, Dave Potter, Martin Roberts and Graham Elliott, all enjoying race wins before a cuppa and a biscuit, thanks Joyce, much appreciated. The wind and the top four stayed constant after tea and all took race wins on the day along with Peter Baldwin taking race 6. Consistent sailing by Mike Parkington and Alan Watkinson must be mentioned along with some great results by fair weather sailor, Graham Birkett.

Thanks to our infamous double act of Bernie and Jack for running the show.

  1. Graham Elliott 18 Pts
  2. Martin Roberts 20
  3. Graham Birkett 27
  4. Peter Baldwin 30
  5. Dave Potter 35
  6. Bill Culshaw 38
  7. Mike Parkington 41
  8. Roger Lincoln 58
  9. Alan Watkinson 68
  10. Neil Westbrook 72
  11. Andrew Peter 79
  12. Sue Parkington 81
  13. Sally Collings 87
  14. John Berry 93
  15. Howard Carver 100
  16. Phil Howarth 106
  17. Lawrence Drennan 107 (One 8th)
  18. Dave Williams 107 (No 8th)

10 races sailed.

IOM News

This weekend, all eyes turn to Rogoznica,  Croatia where the IOM European Championships are being held from 8th to 13th April. Anyone wanting to follow the progress of our local sailors can do so on the event website at http://www.iomec2018.com/

For those not fortunate enough to be in Croatia,  Fleetwood MYPBC  are holding their Mayoral Cup Open meeting for IOMs on Sunday 8th April – full details on the Fleetwood Website