DF65 Autumn Series #10 17/10/18

Lovely autumn weather with sunshine and a gentle WNW breeze greeted the DF65 skippers allowing 12 very closely fought races to be sailed with the A+ rig used by all.  In several of the races we saw more than half of the fleet arriving line-abreast at the leeward mark,  and positions frequently changed in the longish beat up from that mark to the finishing line.

  1. Neil Westbrook 14 Pts
  2. Roger Lincoln 16
  3. Dave Williams 29
  4. Derek Matthews 43
  5. Andrew Peter 45
  6. Ernie Rice 53
  7. Colin Deakin 54
  8. Bob Davis 55

12 races sailed.

Dragonforce 65 Autumn Series #9 10/10/18

Sunshine, warm weather  and a good wind greeted the skippers this week and it was good to see both  Ernie returning to sailing and Sally being fit enough to act as a race officer.   12 races were sailed in total.

  1. Neil Westbrook 15 Pts
  2. Andrew Peter 25
  3. Richard Walker 37
  4. Ernie Rice 40
  5. Alan Watkinson 42
  6. Dave Williams 43
  7. Derek Matthews 57
  8. Rob Davis 70

DF65 Autumn Series #7 26/9/18

Seven sailors turned out for the weekly race, top of A+ wind, but from over the houses which made it very tricky.

  1. John Brierley 13 Pts
  2. Neil Westbrook 17
  3. Dave Williams 35
  4. Derek Mathews 46 (1x2nd, 2x3rd)
  5. Richard Walker 46 (1x2nd, 0x3rd)
  6. Colin Deakin 47
  7. Alan Watkinson 48

12 races were sailed.

DF65 Northern District Championships

The day began with a light Westerly breeze over the houses and dark clouds in the sky, but as racing started the wind swung progressively North West and increased in strength and the sunshine broke through the clouds to ensure that a good day of competitive racing was enjoyed by all.

A+ rigs were used by all throughout the event.

Excellent behaviour was observed by all of the competitors with no protests needed and turns being promptly done on the rare occasions when there were contact between boats.

It was no surprise to see John Tushingham come in as overall winner, but once again he didn’t have things all his own way with no less than 5 different skippers winning races during the day.

Local sailor John Brierley came second with Dave Darwell from Askern taking third place overall.

Full results (pdf)  ND DF65 Champs 2018


Huge thanks as always to the Birkenhead Race team of Martin, Bernie, Jack and Judith for the smooth running of the event and the endless supply of tea and coffee.


DF65 Autumn Series #6 12th Sep 2018

Final ‘practice’ session at the lake before this coming weekend’s DF65 Northern District Championships.

First race with A+suit,  then the remainder with A suit. Some nosediving in the gusts with about 10 knots average wind straight down the lake.

Sunny conditions 8 happy sailors.

  1. John Brierley 10 Pts
  2. Peter Baldwin 21
  3. Alan Watkinson 28
  4. Andrew Peter 40
  5. Derek Matthews 59
  6. Dave Williams 60 (2 x 4th)
  7. Richard Walker 60 (0 x 4th)
  8. Colin Deakin 61

12 races sailed.