DragonForce Spring Series #10 5/6/19

Seven sailors kept under the watchful eyes of Sally and Ernie completed nine races in what turned out to be very difficult conditions, with light winds coming over the houses at inconsistent times making some of the legs a lottery.
1st.         John Brierley          9pts
2nd.       Neil Westbrook    16pts
3rd.        Alan Watkinson   19 pts
4th.        Dave Williams      22pts
5th.        Richard Walker    26pts
6th.        Colin Deakin         33pts
7th.         Chris Weston       50pts

DragonForce Spring Series #9 29/5/19

Great turnout this week with 11 boats competing including one ex member borrowing Ernies’ boat and showing some good speed at times.

A wise decision was made to start in A rigs with a gusty wind down the lake from the clubhouse, but with some significant shifts keeping everyone on their toes, especially as the shifts sometimes lasted for less than a second and may tack you without warning! John was again this week the person to beat with 5 wins from the 10 races sailed and the other wins shared by 4 sailors.

  1.   John Brierley                  11 pts
  2.   Peter Baldwin                21 pts
  3.   Andrew Peter                 25 pts
  4.   Dave Williams               32 pts  (1x2nd)
  5.   Alan Watkinson            32pts  (0x2nd)
  6.   Neil Westbrook             35 pts
  7.   Kris Morrow                   43 pts
  8.   Derek Matthews           59 pts
  9.   Colin Deakin                  63 pts
  10.   Richard Walker             70 pts
  11.   Chris  Weston                 87 pts

10 Races sailed

DragonForce Spring Series #8 22/5/19

Another good turn out with 9 boats competing, light wind from top of lake making A+ the rig to use. John again this week was the person to beat and he was given a hard time but it was his consistency of always being in the top three that made him the deserved winner.

  1.   John Brierley                  7 pts
  2.   Alan Watkinson           14 pts  (2x1st)
  3.   Neil Westbrook            14 pts  (1x1st)
  4.   Dave Williams              15 pts
  5.   Derek Matthews          23 pts
  6.   Richard Walker             28 pts
  7.   Colin Deakin                  29 pts
  8.   Kearon Worthington  43 pts
  9.   Chris  Weston                 53 pts

9 Races sailed

DragonForce Spring Series #5 1/5/19

After the high winds of the weekend, we were greeted with an almost calm lake with just a slight amount at the top end, nevertheless seven hardy skippers took to the water under the watchful eyes of Sally and Ernie keeping strict control, 8 races were held with John taking all but one race.

1st.    John Brierley             6pts
2nd.  Dave Williams          15pts
3rd.   Neil Westbrook        19pts
4th.   Derek Matthews      24 pts. 1 x 2nd
5th.   Andrew Peter            24pts. 0 x 2nd
6th.   Alan Watkinson       25pts
7th.   Richard Walker         32pts

DF TT Round 6 (DF95) Sunday 28th April

Well that was a different day, there was a whole 40 mph less breeze today which made the racing almost like…well…racing! A big fleet of thirty boats gathered on the start and raced as a well behaved single fleet which made your start absolutely crucial and made or messed your race before you got up the first beat.


Things started as they finished yesterday with Tushy taking the first two races before getting  mauled up the first beat in the third race which gave him his worst result of the day with an 18th. Race three also saw Yukio take his maiden win with the DF95, a stylish win for sure.

Tushy took race 4, 6 and 8, Pete Baldwin race 5, 7 and 10 . Mike Weston, sailing for a change took race 9 to his great delight! Tushy took 11 with Derek winning his only race with race 12, after that it was Tush all the way apart from 15 where he had issues!

As you’d imagine there were a good number of incidents throughout the day and turns were duly completed by the offenders which made the sailing good spirited throughout the fleet. As the day went on the weather got better and better with most people peeling off layers of clothing throughout the day.

Tushy of course won the day, 20 points ahead of a consistent Peter Baldwin with Derek in third spot three points back on 49. Buzz finished fourth with Tim Long in fifth spot after a testing mid morning session. Commodore John Brierley rounded out the top six.

Report courtesy Tim Long from the DFRacing website Results page

Full Results below, click on the image to expand.

DF TT Round 5 (DF65) Saturday 27th April

Overnight saw N. Wales battered by 80 mph gusts which made the drive up to the Wirral pretty interesting to saw the least and on arrival at the club there was certainly some breeze with waves breaking over the clubhouse end of the pond.

So, C rig equipped we took to the water after a quick briefing from Mr Martin Roberts, our PRO for the day. Seeding races were held with club commodore John Brierley and Wayne Stobbs taking the wins. It was soon decided that we could probably rattle some races off better if we sailed as a single fleet which was how the day went from race two onwards. Liz Tushingham beat Wayne to the win in that race with John Tush in third.

John took the next two with John B taking the second spots and Buzz and Yukio taking the third spots. Race 5 saw local skipper Andrew Peter take the win from Liz and Jim La Roche.

It seemed that the trick was to get a good first beat, get round the top mark in good order and then try as hard as you could not to fall over down the run….this sounds super easy but trust me it wasn’t, even the pointy end skippers were having to concentrate a little bit today!

Race 6 was John T, John B and Buzzzzz, with John T taking 7 and 8 as well. 9 was John B with Tim Long second and Mick C third. ten to 16 were pretty much a clean sweep fro John T with Derek and Liz stealing a win apiece from him.

At the final reckoning it was John T taking a convincing win from John B by 21 points with Buzz a further 25 adrift of JB.  A mere 4 points separated third to sixth, with Liz in fourth, Wayne in fifth and Derek in sixth spot.

Report courtesy of Tim Long.  Click on the results image to enlarge