DragonForce Autumn Series #11 11/12/19

There was a light breeze as the 16 sailors started to arrive (including two very welcome visitors in the form of Gary and Mike Benson from Fleetwood). However, by the time 11:00 arrived, it had all but disappeared and there were no ripples on the lake.  The breeze proved to be fitful and from just about any direction accompanied by light rain for the hour that it took to complete the first four races.  At this point, the top 4 were very close as Neil had two wins and sat on 6 points, Peter one win with 7 points, Richard with one win and 8 points and finally John no wins and 8 points

It was then agreed to call a halt and have a warming drink and take stock on conditions.  Another race was run but with only 12 sailors, after a few had decided to call it a day due to minimal wind and the rain.  Conditions had not however improved and as it was now past one o’clock everyone agreed to call it a day at 5 races.  The extra race did however change the results at the top and the final positions were:

  1. Peter Baldwin            63            8pts
  2. John Brierley               84          10pts
  3. Neil Westbrook          03           11pts
  4. Alan Watkinson        23            13pts
  5. Richard Robinson     01            16pts
  6. Dave Williams           233          24pts
  7. John Carling                  11           28pts
  8. Garry Benson                68         33pts
  9. Sally Collings               829        34pts
  10. Andrew Peter                919        37pts   (1x4th)
  11. Colin Deakin                   93         37pts    (0x4th)
  12. Richard Walker              39         39pts
  13. Chris Weston                 194         42pts
  14. Mike St Paer                     35         47pts
  15. Don Mackinnon            933        66pts
  16. Mike Benson                   883       68pts

Next Wednesday (18th December) will be the 12th and last race in the Autumn DF65 series.  We then restart with the Winter series on Wednesday 8th January.

DragonForce Autumn Series #10 4/12/19

A sunny morning met the 12 DF65S with the wind coming from the clubhouse end in perfect A+ sailing conditions.It was decided due to the number of entries to move to the IOM course to include a gate at the leeward end.With the longer start line and the windward mark and spreader
mark half way up the lake,the fleet was well spread out.
In race 1 Sally continued her good form from last week with a win.Neil,fresh back from Malta had a good series finishing 2nd overall with Alan edging out a close bunch of sailors to take the remaining podium position.  An excellent mornings racing .

1. John Brierley               84    9pts
2. Neil Westbrook          03   25pts
3. Alan Watkinson       373   32pts
4. Richard Robinson     01   34pts
5. Dave Williams          233   35pts
6. Sally Collings           829   36pts
7. Derek Matthews        57    43pts
8. Dave Pickup                86    58pts 1 x 1st
9. Mike St Paer               35     58pts
10.John Carling               11      65pts
11.Don McClarn            933     75pts
12. Dave Halstead        855     85pts.

Again we were indebted to Ernie for running the racing.

Additional RG65/DF65 Open Events over the Winter

Following the AGM discussion, three more dates have been allocated to RG65/DF65 open events over the Winter on a Saturday.  The dates are in the Calendar as:

  1. Saturday 21st December
  2. Saturday 18th January
  3. Saturday 15th February

The start time will be 12:00 with no start scheduled to be after 16:00.  Visitors are most welcome.  Clubhouse open from approximately 11:00, with hot drinks available .

DragonForce Autumn Series #9 27/11/19

Mirror like conditions met the 9 DF 65 sailors today for the 9th race in the Autumn series.  Only 5 races were possible in drifting conditions with jibs flicking on the run being a rarity.

Sally certainly mastered the conditions from the outset winning 2 of the 5 races and running John B close. Dave W ,who never likes light airs , liked them today finishing 3rd just edging out Richard R by one point.  The racing was again run by Ernie and many thanks goes to him in keeping us all in check.

John Brierley            84   5pts
Sally Collings        829    7pts
Dave Williams       233   12pts
Richard Robinson   01   13pts
Alan Watkinson      23   18pts
Richard Walker       39  22pts
John Carling             11    26pts
Andrew Peter        919   28pts
Mike St Paer             19   32pts.

DragonForce Autumn Series #8 20/11/19

With the breeze averaging 10 knots and up to 15 or 18 in the gusts, it was decided that B Rigs was the most prudent choice for the day.  Even so, there was an occasional hairy moment on the run for many during the 10 races sailed.  Races were won and lost in some cases by being in the most pressure downwind and at other times by avoiding the pressure to stay upright!  John and Peter had evenly shared most of the wins after Race 9, with otherwise only Alan managing to get a good win in Race 5.  It turned out that the two lap Race 10 was the decider, which John won by no more than a boat length on the finish line having made the best of the last beat.  A great morning of close racing. Thanks to Mike St Paer for running the races today and hopefully his new boat will be ready to race next Wednesday.

  1. John Brierley                84       11pts
  2. Peter Baldwin               63       12pts
  3. Alan Watkinson          373      23pts
  4. Andrew Peter               919     28pts
  5. Colin Deakin                 335     37pts
  6. Dave Williams             233      42pts
  7. Richard Walker             39      46pts
  8. Richard Robinson        01       61pts
  9. Sally Collings               129      62pts

DragonForce Autumn Series #7 13/11/19

There was only a light S to SE breeze today that came in patches across the water.  Alan Watkinson was the boat to beat in the first two races, followed by relative newcomer Richard Robinson, who took 3 wins in the next 4 races. Kris Morrow had wins in races 5 and 10 and John Brierley took 3 wins in races 7 to 9.

Overall John had the more consistent day to win overall, with Kris only two points behind and then Richard in third 6 points behind that.

Thanks once again go to Ernie for setting the course and running this weeks races.

  1. John Brierley              84        18pts
  2. Kris Morrow                94        20pts
  3. Richard Robinson      01       26pts
  4. Andrew Peter              919      30pts
  5. Peter Baldwin             163       32pts
  6. Alan Watkinson           23       37pts
  7. Dave Williams            233       47pts
  8. Sally Collings             829       67pts
  9. Mike St Paer                 19        68pts   (1x5th)
  10. Colin Deakin                93         68pts  (0x5th)
  11. Chris Weston              194       75pts
  12. John Carling                  11         80pts  (1x3rd)
  13. Richard Walker            39        80pts  (0x3rd)
  14. Dave Halstead            855        110pts