DragonForce Summer Series #11 11/09/19

A small turn out for the weekly Wednesday DF65 race, due to sailors travelling (slowly!) to the upcoming RG65 Nationals and the UK National Cycle race trapping people in their homes! Nevertheless, 6 sailors arrived and were faced with the usual dilemma of A or B suits. The majority chose A and racing commenced under the watchful eye of the OOD Ernie.
After about 4 races the general consensus was to change down to B. The trying conditions unfortnately caused electrical failure on the boats of David H and Chris Weston and they had to retire early after 4 and 6 races respectively.
Close racing ensued between John, Andrew and Dave W, with the missing of any wind shift playing a good part in the results. John and Dave had equal points but after discards, John won with a 4 point margin.
10 races were sailed with thanks again to Ernie as OD.
  1.   John Brierley            11 pts
  2.   Dave Williams         15 pts
  3.   Andrew Peter           18 pts
  4.   Richard Walker       26 pts
  5.   Chris Weston            35 pts (6 races sailed)
  6.   David Halstead        58 pts (4 races sailed)

DragonForce Summer Series #10 4/09/19

A gusty Westerly breeze of 12 to 20 knots was blowing down the lake accompanied by the odd shower whilst the 7 sailors were rigging.  With the strength of the gusts and the forecast suggesting that these were only going to increase during racing everyone opted for a B Rig.  In the first three races, there were three different winners, With Peter, Alan and John all taking one each.  Following this though, the wins were shared between Peter and John, although John ended up with a total of 5 and Peter only four.  Peter however had a more consistent day counting only first and second places to end up the winner, whereas John had a few thirds which pushed him into second by one point, with Kris third.  Thanks must go once again to Ernie for running the racing for us today.

  1. Peter Baldwin             63            12 pts
  2. John Brierley               84           13 pts
  3. Kris Morrow                 94          24 pts
  4. Alan Watkinson         373          25 pts
  5. Dave Williams             233          34 pts
  6. Dave Pickup                    86         41 pts
  7. Richard Walker             39          54 pts

10 races sailed

DragonForce Summer Series #8 21/8/19

The wind was everywhere but mainly from over the top of the houses. Kris really got on top of the conditions and had a very convincing score-sheet.
10 races were held with thanks to Sally and Ernie for their help in running the races.
Our Club President made a welcome appearance if a little late, missing the first 4 races, but still put on a commendable performance for his first time with a radio boat.
1st.   Kris Morrow.            16pts
2nd. John Brierley.          17pts
3rd.   Neil Westbrook.    18 pts
4th.   Andrew Peter.        23 pts
5th.   Alan Watkinson.    39 pts
6th.   Richard Walker.     42 pts
7th.   Bernie McNulty.     51pts
8th.   Dave Pickup.            55pts
9th.   David Halstead.      58pts

DragonForce Summer Series #7 14/8/19

After a short delay (and a hot drink) due to a heavy shower passing through, sailing got underway by 11:15 with the majority of the fleet opting to sail in A+ rigs.  There were a few strong gusts that caused the boats with A+ rigs to nose dive, but most survived unscathed.  The day was setting up to be a close battle between John and Peter, but John had to retire from racing during race 6, leaving  Peter with a clutch of 4 wins and the overall win. Neil picked up 2 in his A rig, with Dave W, Alan and Andrew all getting single race wins.  The final placings after 10 races were:

  1. Peter Baldwin               63         15pts
  2. Alan Watkinson          373        22pts
  3. Neil Westbrook             03        27pts
  4. Andrew Peter               919        28 pts
  5. John Brierley                  84        36 pts      (1x1st and 4x2nd)
  6. Dave Williams               233       36pts       (1x1st and 1x2nd)
  7. Derek Matthews            57       40pts
  8. Dave Pickup                    86       49pts

Thanks once again to Ernie and Sally for running the races and the scoring for the day.

DragonForce Summer Series #4 24/7/19

Another tricky day with the wind not doing the same as the forecast and switching direction several times during this mornings session.  There were 14 boats this week with most of the regulars (one of the highest turnouts recently) and another potential new member Dave who had travelled over an hour to sail with us and gain some guidance.  Peter took some of the early wins, but then had some difficult races including getting caught up on on mark for over a minute.  This left an opening for John who had the best of the later races from the 8 that were sailed.  In all there were 5 different race winners and John took the day by one point from Peter, who only beat Neil  to second on countback due to his higher number of firsts.

  1. John Brierley                84       14 pts
  2. Peter Baldwin              63        15 pts    3x1st
  3. Neil Westbrook            03        15 pts    1x1st
  4. Kris Morrow                 94        21 pts
  5. Derek Matthews         57         25 pts
  6. Dave Williams            233        26 pts
  7. Alan Watkinson         373        35 pts
  8. Colin Deakin                  93       36 pts
  9. Andrew Peter               919       41 pts
  10. Richard Walker              39       44 pts
  11. Dave Pickup                    86       49 pts
  12. Chris Morrow                194      62 pts
  13. Bob Davies                       72       76 pts
  14. David Halstead             855      81 pts

DragonForce Summer Series #1 3/7/19

A light but reasonably steady wind  from the WNW and clear sun greeted the 8 sailors who turned out this week to sail in A+ rigs.  There were some large shifts to be found on the long course, which usually held for some time giving good gains if you timed it right.  Neil Westbrook started the day with a win and then two further wins in races 3 and 5.  Peter Baldwin won 6 out of the 7 other races sailed giving him first overall, with Dave Williams gaining the other win.  Although missing out on a race win, Richard Walker had a consistent day scoring several 2nds and thirds to end up third behind Neil and Peter. Racing was very close in most race, such that if you went into irons you could move from being well placed to last position.

  1.   Peter Baldwin            63           10pts
  2.   Neil Westbrook         03           18pts
  3.   Richard Walker         39          24pts
  4.   Dave Williams           233        25pts
  5.   Alan  Watkinson       373         35pts
  6.   Derek Matthews         57         40pts    1x2nd & 2x4th
  7.   Dave Pickup                 86          40pts   1x2nd
  8.   Chris Weston              194         68pts  (winch issues missing 6 races)

10 races sailed.  Many thanks to Ernie and Sally for running the races and scoring.