DF65 Winter Series 14th Feb 2018

Once again the Dragonforce Winter Series lived up to its name, with sleet, hail, strong winds and iced over puddles on the lakeside path.

Roger panicked as he had left the bag containing his warm hat and gloves at home, but breathed a sigh of relief when he realised that his transmitter was also in the bag so he had a good excuse not to sail!

The rest of the hardy sailors  started off with “B” rigs, but soon switched down to using “C” rigs with the strong gusts causing problems, particularly  at the starts.

Despite the conditions, 9 races were completed allowing 2 discards.

  1. Neil Westbrook 10 Pts
  2. John Brierley 12
  3. Alan Watkinson 14
  4. Andrew Peter 19 (One 1st)
  5. Dave Pickup 19 (No 1sts)
  6. Dave Williams 22
  7. Sally Collings 28

DF65 Winter Series 31st Jan 2018

They don’t call it the “Winter Series” for nothing  – a crazy days sailing today with a strong wind, heavy snow and hail showers that hurt!


  1. John Brierley 7 Pts
  2. Neil Westbrook 9
  3. Andrew Peter 20
  4. Alan Watkinson 21
  5. Colin Deakin 23
  6. Dave Pickup 41

8 races sailed.

Given the conditions, Sally probably regretted volunteering to be Race Officer.

DF65 Winter Series 24th Jan 2018

11 skippers sailing with ‘A’ rigs and wind “over the houses” so quite random in terms of both strength and direction.

John Brierley again showing the rest of the fleet a clean pair of heels.

  1. John Brierley 8 Pts
  2. Roger Lincoln 25
  3. Neil Westbrook 26
  4. Andrew Peter 28
  5. Alan Watkinson 35
  6. Ernie Rice 41
  7. Colin Deakin 42
  8. Dave Pickup 45
  9. Dave Williams 47
  10. Sally Collings 57
  11. Richard Walker 69

10 races sailed.

Dragonforce Winter Series 17th Jan 2018

Despite the yellow warnings for wind from the Met Office, 9 sailors descended on the lake and using a mixture of ‘B’ and ‘C’ rigs completed 10 races.

Neil’s boat suffered a burned out winch and Sally kindly volunteered  to be race officer for the remaining races after struggling to control her boat with the ‘B’ rig  and not having a ‘C’ suit. With Dave P. also dropping out, only 6 boats completed the day.

  1. John Brierley  8 Pts
  2. Alan Watkinson 25 (1 first)
  3. Roger Lincoln 25 (0 firsts)
  4. Andrew Peter 28
  5. Dave Williams 33
  6. Neil Westbrook 47
  7. Richard Walker 50
  8. Dave Pickup 60
  9. Sally Collings 72

10 races sailed.

Dragonforce Winter Series #3 20th Dec 2017

A small band of sailors arrive in drizzle and with no sign of any wind, so adjourned briefly to tea/coffee and some of Mrs Watkinson’s exceedingly nice mince pies.

Then, on cue the breeze filled in from the North West allowing 10 closely fought races to be sailed.

  1. Roger Lincoln 15 Pts
  2. Andrew Peter 17
  3. Ernie Rice 18
  4. Alan Watkinson 29
  5. Colin Deakin 32
  6. Sally Collings 33