DF65 Autumn Series #7 26/9/18

Seven sailors turned out for the weekly race, top of A+ wind, but from over the houses which made it very tricky.

  1. John Brierley 13 Pts
  2. Neil Westbrook 17
  3. Dave Williams 35
  4. Derek Mathews 46 (1x2nd, 2x3rd)
  5. Richard Walker 46 (1x2nd, 0x3rd)
  6. Colin Deakin 47
  7. Alan Watkinson 48

12 races were sailed.

Email Scam/Data Compromise Warning

It would appear that scammers have accessed our Club Secretary’s email account and have access to his contacts list which will contain the names and email addresses of many club members.

If you receive any emails claiming to be from Colin or any other club member please treat them with extreme caution.

Also ensure you check the address any email has been sent from and the “reply to” address and that these match any email addresses you have on file.

RG65 TT – Entries *Important*

It would appear that we haven’t been receiving all of the entries from those who entered via the MYA Website correctly. If you have already entered the event and your entry isn’t shown below please could you email Graham Elliott elliottyachts@hotmail.co.uk to confirm your entry ASAP.

If you haven’t already entered, you still have time to do so – Full NoR – NoR RG65 TT #7 @ Birkenhead

(Entry list updated 20th September 2018)

NameBoatClubSail No.
Wayne StobbsScurryGosport42
John TushinghamScurryKeighley51
Peter BaldwinPocket RocketBirkenhead63
David PotterPocket RocketBirkenhead20
Liz TushinghamScurryKeighley71
Noel DonaldsonScurryWatermead29
Roger DunklinArgonWatermead129
Graham ElliottElectronicaBirkenhead9
Mike ParkingtonScurryFleetwood82
Sue ParkingtonPocket RocketFleetwood86
David WilliamsPocket RocketBirkenhead33
John BrierleyWedge Mk 1 Birkenhead84
Garry BensonScramFleetwood68
Alan WatkinsonPocket RocketBirkenhead23
Damian AckroydFonixLeeds Bradford101