DF65 Winter Series 28th March 2018

The final day of the Dragonforce Winter Series saw 13 boats on the water with 12 completing the day’s racing. “A” suit wind down the lake and true to the winter series, cold, with hailstones before the start.

  1. Neil Westbrook 19 Pts
  2. John Brierley 21
  3. Roger Lincoln 25
  4. Alan Watkinson 35
  5. Sally Collings 43
  6. Dave Williams 47
  7. Colin Deakin 50
  8. Andrew Peter 52
  9. Ernie Rice 56
  10. Richard Walker 58
  11. Dave Pickup 72
  12. Derek Matthews 81

11 races sailed.


Series Results:

  1. John Brierley 6 Pts
  2. Neil Westbrook 11
  3. Roger Lincoln 14

Full results here 



Forthcoming Events – Easter Weekend

This coming Easter Weekend sees the start of our IOM series on Saturday 31st March (10 days in series, 6 best to count). A reminder that this year this is an Open Series and members from other MYA Clubs are welcome to attend (£2 on the day). Racing starts at 13.00 prompt.

For those with RG65s and DF65s, our friends at Fleetwood have announced a pop-up Open Event on Easter Monday starting at 09.45 Full details are available on the Fleetwood Website

DF65 Winter Series 21st March 2018

Another great turnout saw 12 Dragonforces turn up for the day with 11 boats sailing 10 races and one brand new boat with a faulty winch!

The wind was forecast to be coming over the houses, but in the event it was straight down the lake with everyone opting to use “B” suit some excellent and close racing was held.

  1. John Brierley 8 Pts
  2. Neil Westbrook 18
  3. Roger Lincoln 19
  4. Dave Williams 30
  5. Alan Watkinson 35
  6. Sally Collings 44
  7. Andrew Peter 47
  8. Colin Deakin 50 (One 2nd)
  9. Ernie Rice 50
  10. Richard Walker 58
  11. Dave Pickup 73

10 races sailed.

Next week sees the final race in the “Winter” series. John Brierley clearly has the series sewn up, but 2nd place is wide open.

On The Road – Travelling Members

All winter series racing has now come to a close and spring is in the air!

Well it did not feel like spring for the last race of the DF65 winter series at West Lancs SC, Southport last Sunday. Very cold but as in the previous races well attended by Birkenhead Club members. The series started in early January with barmy light winds and sunshine and finished in March in sub zero conditions and winds that blew dogs of the quay side.

Club members who attended all or parts of the series were Alan Watkinson, Dave Williams, Andrew Peter, Dave Pickup, Roger Lincoln and John Brierley. All agreed an excellent series which ran on alternate weekends along with our IOM Winter series at Gautby Rd.

Overall John Brierley won the event and Alan Watkinson was 4th

Attention now turns to the IOM ranking event at Lincoln this weekend with a good turn out of club members already on the entry list.

John Brierley

DF65/RG65 2017 Series #1

Unfortunately the wind blew more from the East than the South East, that gave the 10 skippers quite a challenge ahead of them, it did blow about 12mph though with some 90degree gusts up to 18mph and some snow flurries to add to the fun.

With 6 RG65s and 4 DF65s taking to the start it was a good fleet although more was hoped for. Maybe a mixture of the rugby, the freezing weather or Malta had kept a few away but still, we had fun in the snow.

Everybody chose their middle rig to start and this seemed to be the correct choice with big holes in the wind. A long course was set with a nice gate at the leeward end and a finish in the middle.

Early pace setters were, Taylor from Scotland, Elliott and Baldwin sailing RGs and Lincoln sailing his DF. The wind was at best an enigma to all and made the most experienced skippers looked stupid at times, good old Birkenhead pox as Paul Jones would call it.

Race winners were John Taylor, Dave Williams and Graham Elliott with Roger Lincoln winning the DF race and Graham Elliott winning the RG race overall. 14 completed long races and no on water incidents all day, just cold fingers.

Thanks to our resident double act of Jack and Bernie for running the entire race and making tea in the freezing conditions.

  1. Graham Elliott 12Pts
  2. John Taylor 30
  3. Damian Ackroyd 42
  4. Peter Baldwin 43
  5. Dave Williams 61
  6. Roger Lincoln 66 (DF65)
  7. Alan Watkinson 83 (DF65)
  8. Andrew Peter 87 (DF65)
  9. John Brierley 88
  10. Sally Collings 107 (DF65)

14 races sailed

DF65 Winter Series 14th March 2018

‘C’ suit weather with the wind straight along the lake. Sally had boat electrical problems (Eds. note Again?) so acted as Race Officer and 10 races were sailed.

  1. Alan Watkinson 15 Pts
  2. Neil Westbrook 20 (2 firsts)
  3. John Brierley 20 (1 first)
  4. Peter Baldwin 22
  5. Andrew Peter 30
  6. Ernie Rice 40
  7. Colin Deakin 50
  8. Dave Williams 62 (1 fifth)
  9. Richard Walker 62 (0 fifths)