IOM 2018 #7 (11/8/18) Report/results

A very challenging SE wind, 5 knots gusting to 9 knots, greeted the 14 skippers, Dave Williams once again put the waders on to set the marks and racing started at 1pm prompt.

Quick out of the starting blocks was Rob Walsh, with a very impressive 3 wins out of the first 6 before the interval, leaving the chasing pack of Martin Roberts, Graham Elliott and Chris Harris with much work to do in the second half.

There were good results for a few skippers after the tea break, noticeably in races 10 and 12 where Alan Watkinson scored an impressive 3rd and 4th, race 11 Chris Chatfield impressed with a 5th, Andrew Peter sailed well to score a 3rd in race 11 and Dave Williams gained a 5th in race 12.

After 12 races sailed it was the current IOM Champion Rob Walsh who took the win. The racing proved to be extremely challenging and entertaining at times, just what you would expect when 2 IOM World Champions lock horns, with another World Champion, Brad Gibson, keeping his eye on the both of them from the bank with the upcoming Nationals in mind.

Thanks again to our resident starters, finishers and tea makers, Bernie and Jack.

  1. Rob Walsh 15 Pts
  2. Graham Elliott 23
  3. Chris Harris 32
  4. Martin Roberts 41
  5. Bill Culshaw 47
  6. Alan Watkinson 58
  7. Victoria Gibson 70
  8. Gary Benson 78
  9. Chris Chatfield 87
  10. Andrew Peter 88
  11. Steve Coulson 91
  12. Dave Williams 94
  13. John Berry 99
  14. Neil Westbrook 104

12 races sailed

Marbleheads (West Kirby 3rd August 2018)

Photo – John Brierley

Fantastic sailing conditions welcomed the 7 skippers to West Kirby, sunny and the wind blowing out of the North West, simply lovely.

All skippers opted for the ‘B’ rigs to start with, a long first beat to the windward mark then over to a spreader mark before a long run down to the gate, twice round and finish.

John Tushingham sailing a new design from the pencil of Alex Corey was the early pace setter winning 6 out of the 9 before lunch.

A few skippers opted for there ‘A’ rigs after lunch as the wind dropped slightly. Graham Elliott had better luck after lunch winning 5 out of 7. Colin Walton and Bill Culshaw (14,000steps) both had some decent races with Bill getting the win in race 8 and kept the pressure on John and Graham all the way.

Mike Parkington and Neil Westbrook also showed promise after both suffering some niggly problems. Unfortunately Dave Potter had to go for an early bath after suffering from a battery eating TX.

Big thanks must go to John Brierley and Dave Williams for the course trimming, scoring, starting, getting the marks to and from the lake, launching and landing the rib, it does not go un-noticed or un-appreciated.

  1. John Tushingham 18 Pts
  2. Graham Elliott 21
  3. Bill Culshaw 36
  4. Colin Walton 42
  5. Mike Parkington 69
  6. Neil Westbrook 71
  7. Dave Potter 87


Dragonforce Autumn Series, Races 1&2

On both days the wind was “over the houses” making for some interesting and frustrating racing.

1st August 2018

  1. John Brierley 8 Pts
  2. Dave Williams 9
  3. Neil Westbrook 12
  4. Colin Deakin 23 (One 2nd)
  5. Dave Pickup 23 (No 2nds)
  6. Alan Watkinson 24
  7. Bob Davies 34
  8. Richard Walker 35

8th August 2018

  1. John Brierley 7 Pts
  2. Andrew Peter 8
  3. Alan Watkinson 13
  4. Neil Westbrook 14
  5. Colin Deakin 15
  6. Derek Matthews 22
  7. Richard Walker 28
  8. Zoe 31

(7 races)

Marbleheads at West Kirby this coming Saturday

A reminder to all that the M class will be sailing at West Kirby lake this coming Saturday and not at Gautby Road.  Entry is open to non-club members.

Graham Elliott has requested that anyone planning on attending (club member or not) please contact him ( so that he has an idea of the number of people turning up.

(Graham is already aware of the following entries)

John Tushingham
Neil Westbrook
Colin Walton
Bill Culshaw
Graham Elliott
Dave Potter
Mike Parkington
John Smith

IOM 2018 #6 (27/7/18) – Results

An interesting day’s racing with a very unpredictable wind which resulted in several general recalls.

Racing was very close with fortunes often changing in the final beat to the finish.

  1. John Brierley 13 Pts
  2. Bill Culshaw 14
  3. Alan Watkinson 17
  4. John Berry 25
  5. Chris Chatfield 29
  6. Lawrence Drennan 38
  7. Neil Westbrook 41 (1×3, 1×4 3×6)
  8. Dave Pickup 41 (1×3 1×4 2×6)

9 races sailed.

Dragonforce Spring Series #17 – 25th July 2017

The final race of the Dragonforce Wednesday Spring Series was held on 25th July.

  1. John Brierley 5 Pts
  2. Neil Westbrook 7
  3. Colin Deakin 15
  4. Andrew Peter 18
  5. Alan Watkinson 19
  6. Rob Davies 21 (2 seconds)
  7. Dave Pickup 21 (0 seconds)
  8. Richard Walker 29

7 races sailed.


With 17 days sailed in the series, 9 results were to count. The undisputed winner overall was John Brierley with a perfect score of 9.

  1. John Brierley 9 Pts
  2. Neil Westbrook 17
  3. Andrew Peter 30

Full results here