Marblehead Open Sailing at West Kirby #1

10 boats, 5 different designs, 5 knots of South/East wind, 18 degrees temperature, what’s there not to like about todays sailing at West Kirby.
Just a quick report as there is going to be a small football match going on in Madrid. There were 3 race winners in Darin Ballington, Graham Elliott and Andrea Roberts.
Darin ended being the deserved winner for the day but there were many good races by all skippers at some stage and all ended with a pint in the Farmers.
Thanks to Dave Williams and Zak Roberts in the rib, Jack and Bernie for starting and finishing the fleet and lets look forward to the next warm up race which takes place on the 29th of June as preparation  for the Marblehead Nationals in July.
  1.   Darin Ballington       98       12 pts
  2.   Graham Elliott             9        19 pts
  3.   Andrea Roberts           55       22 pts
  4.   John Smith                    43       24 pts
  5.   Colin Walton                  3        41 pts
  6.   Martin Roberts           122      48 pts
  7.   Neil Westbrook            58      58 pts
  8.   Damian Ackroyd         101      60 pts
  9.   Bill Culshaw                    21      61 pts
  10.   Tracey Ballington         07     62 pts

10 races sailed

More photos in the Gallery

DragonForce Spring Series #9 29/5/19

Great turnout this week with 11 boats competing including one ex member borrowing Ernies’ boat and showing some good speed at times.

A wise decision was made to start in A rigs with a gusty wind down the lake from the clubhouse, but with some significant shifts keeping everyone on their toes, especially as the shifts sometimes lasted for less than a second and may tack you without warning! John was again this week the person to beat with 5 wins from the 10 races sailed and the other wins shared by 4 sailors.

  1.   John Brierley                  11 pts
  2.   Peter Baldwin                21 pts
  3.   Andrew Peter                 25 pts
  4.   Dave Williams               32 pts  (1x2nd)
  5.   Alan Watkinson            32pts  (0x2nd)
  6.   Neil Westbrook             35 pts
  7.   Kris Morrow                   43 pts
  8.   Derek Matthews           59 pts
  9.   Colin Deakin                  63 pts
  10.   Richard Walker             70 pts
  11.   Chris  Weston                 87 pts

10 Races sailed

IOM Club Series #5 25/5/19

Four home skippers were joined by four visitors from Etherow to create a close fought afternoon of sailing.  The Top Suit wind was generally down the lake from the WNW, but with some good shifts and a few holes to make things “interesting”.  Five people shared the wins during the 10 races, with John Brierley getting the lions share of 4, Alan Watkinson and Peter Baldwin had two each and then Howard Garner and Steve Toulson getting one.

When the scores were totalled up, John Brierley was the clear winner with Alan Watkinson second, just ahead of Peter Baldwin.  Visitor Howard Garner finished a very creditable 4th in his Widget bought for just £50.

  1.   John Brierley                84   12 pts
  2.   Alan Watkinson           23   22 pts
  3.   Peter Baldwin               63   23 pts
  4.   Howard Garner            67   27 pts
  5.   Steve Toulson               86   30 pts
  6.   Neil Westbrook             03   37 pts
  7.   John Berry                       12    46 pts
  8.   Ray Woods                       51    63 pts

10 races sailed.  Many thanks to Bernie, Jack and Dave Williams for keeping score and everyone in order.

DragonForce Spring Series #8 22/5/19

Another good turn out with 9 boats competing, light wind from top of lake making A+ the rig to use. John again this week was the person to beat and he was given a hard time but it was his consistency of always being in the top three that made him the deserved winner.

  1.   John Brierley                  7 pts
  2.   Alan Watkinson           14 pts  (2x1st)
  3.   Neil Westbrook            14 pts  (1x1st)
  4.   Dave Williams              15 pts
  5.   Derek Matthews          23 pts
  6.   Richard Walker             28 pts
  7.   Colin Deakin                  29 pts
  8.   Kearon Worthington  43 pts
  9.   Chris  Weston                 53 pts

9 Races sailed

Open Sailing Days 2019

The 2019 season’s  OPEN DAYS  commence this Saturday 18th May.
This is also an open invitation to all members of the Vintage Model Yacht Group to bring along any Pond Yachts and Vintage Racing Yachts to sail on our fabulous lake.
The Clubhouse will open at 12.00 noon, and we usually sail til around 4.00 – 4.30 pm.
THIS IS AN OPEN INVITATION TO ALL  –  to  bring along  any  type and size of model yacht, not just radio, but ‘ Free Sailing’  too, or even to just turn up and have a chat and a cup of tea!
This is the first of 5 Open Days for 2019 –  see Club Calendar for further details of dates.
Andrew Peter – Club Captain  and  VMYG  NW Co-ordinator.