Upcoming Social Racing

After three sets of IOM social racing in recent weeks, our Sailing Secretary is busy organising further events on a Saturday to cover both the RG65 and IOM.  Current plans for the next social racing events are as follows:

JULY 11th                 RG65
JULY 18th                IOM
JULY 25th                IOM
AUG 1st                     RG65
AUG 8th                    IOM
AUG 15th                   IOM              ALL 2pm START
All of these events are now being added to the Calendar and that page will have a link to a page for each event showing who is sailing on that day (when available), along with any potential reserves in case anyone cannot make it.  Please therefore check out the Calendar page (you can get there via the menu or using the image titled “Club Racing” on the RHS side of each web  page)

IOM Social racing #3 4/7/20

This Saturday was race 3 of the lockdown 6 boat bubble . Instead of the predicted 2nd suit breeze the fleet was to sail in a very light to mid range A suit breeze, sort of from the top end of the lake, with a change on almost every leg of the course all afternoon. Bill came out with the race 1 win with Brad 2nd. 4 races were sailed before our drinks break and Grahams 3 course meal. Along with his big boots it would cost him dear later in the day. Brad had 2 wins and 2 seconds to take a grip on the afternoon. Martin got his first win of the lockdown.

After the break, Brad held his form with 2 more wins and 2 seconds, the last coming from a great recovery. Graham had a 2 and 3 but but races 7 and 8 may be deleted from his note book. Bill came back strong with a 2, 4, 3 in the last 3 races to take 3rd place from Graham. Peter came good in the better breeze in race 7 with a 3rd. Martin converted his good starts in race 7 & 8 into race wins, Race 8 had a blanket finish. We had a beer or fanta and a debrief after a hard afternoons racing.  Overall results after 8 races:

  1. Brad Gibson                 2      8pts
  2. Martin Roberts         55      11pts
  3. Bill Culshaw               21       17pts (1 win)
  4. Graham Elliott          27      17pts  (0 win)
  5. Peter Baldwin            63      26pts
  6. Lawrence Drennan  57      37pts

Further Social Racing dates

Following on from our trial social racing, the committee have agreed to a further 6 events, keeping the number of participating skippers to a maximum of 6 (unless the guidelines change during the period covered).
All participation will be by pre-entry to Graham Elliott – email is on the Contacts page.
JULY 11th              RG65
JULY 18th             IOM
JULY 25th             IOM
AUG 1st                  RG65
AUG 8th                 IOM
AUG 15th                IOM              ALL 2pm START
Please email Graham with your order of preferred dates, he will then sort out the fleet for each date which will then be posted on the website giving everyone a fair chance of sailing. Please do not just turn up and expect to sail as you will be turned away if 6 skippers are already present.

DF65 Social Race #1 Wed 1/7/20

The 6 sailors for the first DF65 Social racing event are:

Alan Watkinson
Richard Robinson
John Carlin
Mike de St Paer
Don Mackinnon
Derek Matthews
Neil Westbrook will open up as keyholder.
There will be additional events on Wednesday 8th and 15th July.  Please email Andrew Peter if you wish to sail on either of these days.

IOM Social racing #2 27/6/20

This second social racing day continued on the same lines as week one two weeks earlier.  Only 6 helms turned up to rig their boats outside the clubhouse ready for a 2pm start.  Marks were set out for a beat diagonally across the lake, with a last minute change to place the start line at the clubhouse rather than the far end as the wind seemed to be favouring more West of South than East.

Unfortunately, by the time racing started, the wind was almost straight over the houses, leading to a breeze that was both changeable in direction and gusty, but everyone started easily in a No1 rig.  Lawrence was struggling with his transmitter and so the first race started without him.  John set out his stall for the day and won that race although everyone was  within 20m of each other at the end of the race.  Lawrence was unable to fix his transmitter problem and so kindly offered to run the racing for everyone for the rest of the afternoon. A further four races were sailed before a short break for a drink and catch up outside and John won a further 2 of these races, with wins for Bill and Peter, just to mix things up.  By the break it was looking as if we may need to change down as some large gusts (accompanied by a few spots of rain) were causing a loss of control on the downwind legs, but after the break the wind had steadied again and so everyone remained in No 1 rigs.

A further four races were sailed after the break with Bill winning the first one and then John taking the remaining three.  Overall a reasonable afternoons sailing considering the wind direction, with close racing a lot of the time and very little rain, compared with the forecast.  John easily won the afternoon, with Peter second and Bill third.

  1. John Brierley                84      8pts
  2. Peter Baldwin               63      14pts
  3. Bill Culshaw                  21       20pts
  4. Graham Birkett          133      24pts
  5. Andrew Peter                66     26pts

9 races sailed.  Many thanks to Lawrence Drennan for running the afternoons racing.

The next Social racing is on Saturday 4th July starting at 2pm.  This event has reached the 6 sailor capacity, but additional dates for future weeks will be announced soon.

IOM Social Racing #2 (27/6/20) and #3 (4/7/20) – Updated list for 4/7/20

There will be two more “Social Racing” afternoons for a maximum of 6 sailors at Birkenhead on Saturday 27th June and Saturday 4th July.  The start time for both days will be 2pm and finish by 4:30.  The clubhouse will only be available to access the toilets and all racing will have to conform with applicable social distancing rules.

The updated (as of 2/7/20) lists of sailors for each afternoon are:

27th June. 2pm
Graham Birkett
Bill Culshaw
Peter Baldwin
Andrew Peter
Lawrence Drennan
John Brierley
4th July. 2pm
Martin Roberts
Bill Culshaw
Peter Baldwin
Brad Gibson
Graham Elliott
Lawrence Drennan
Reserves for 4th July are ……   Neil Westbrook
If you wish to take part in future events or go on the reserve lists, please contact Graham Elliott.  The club will continue to monitor the situation and will expand the numbers racing if the government guidelines change to allow this.