Barts Little Boat Bash

The club intends to hold racing for those interested in competing in Barts Little Boat Bash (BLBB) on Saturday 14th September with a nominal start time of 14:00. This will be as part of the Open Sailing and Vintage day at the club, when the club is Open from 12:00 until 16:30.

There will be 3 races run (details are contained on the MYA web page in the link above) and all radio classes are welcome to participate.  To gain an indication of numbers it would be appreciated if you could email the Club Captain Andrew Peter by Friday 13th September.  His contact details are on the Contacts page.

We do hope that you will be able to attend and participate in this event to raise funds for this very worthwhile charity.

IOM Club Series #9 24/08/19

A decent top end No1 SSE wind from the clubhouse this week.  David Potter had a good day in his first race in this Club IOM series now at week 9 winning 6 races sailing the new Dave Williams boat.  Bill took 4 wins and Neil 2 (although that should have been three!).

  1. David Potter                33        15pts
  2. Bill Culshaw                21         20pts
  3. Neil Westbrook         03         29pts
  4. Lawrence Drennan  57         37pts
  5. Alan Watkinson         23        40pts
  6. Steve Toulson             86       53pts

After 12 races sailed


DragonForce Summer Series #8 21/8/19

The wind was everywhere but mainly from over the top of the houses. Kris really got on top of the conditions and had a very convincing score-sheet.
10 races were held with thanks to Sally and Ernie for their help in running the races.
Our Club President made a welcome appearance if a little late, missing the first 4 races, but still put on a commendable performance for his first time with a radio boat.
1st.   Kris Morrow.            16pts
2nd. John Brierley.          17pts
3rd.   Neil Westbrook.    18 pts
4th.   Andrew Peter.        23 pts
5th.   Alan Watkinson.    39 pts
6th.   Richard Walker.     42 pts
7th.   Bernie McNulty.     51pts
8th.   Dave Pickup.            55pts
9th.   David Halstead.      58pts

RG65/DF65 Race #3 17/8/19

Six RG65 and three DF65 sailors turned out to sail this week, including two welcome DF65 visitors from Gresford.  There was a good breeze down the lake from the WNW, leading to plenty of discussion about whether it was an A or B breeze for the RG65 (or perhaps an A or A- depending on your rig wardrobe).  All of the DF65’s opted for an A rig to start with. John Brierley had a good start with a 1,2,1 in the first three races until Graham Elliott found his form and won the next four races until there was a break for lunch and a change of batteries for everyone. Andrew Peter had the best morning from the DF65 sailors with visitors Rob Andrew and David Bradley taking a few wins between them.  Andrew gave some setup tips to both visitors and racing was very close between them later in the morning.

Having started with a good sailing breeze straight down the lake at the start of the day, it had changed to be well across the lake by the second session, giving a delay whilst the course was angled diagonally across the lake to provide the chance of a windward leg.  Graham carried on his winning form from the morning, gaining six wins from the next 8 races sailed, narrowly missing out to Peter Baldwin in those two.  Andrew also had the lions share of wins  in the DF65 fleet during the afternoon.

Thanks go to Bernie for scoring during the day assisted by Neil after problems forced his early retirement.

The next RG65/DF65 racing day is on Saturday 31st August starting at 11am.

  1. Graham Elliott        Electronica            9       16pts
  2. Peter Baldwin          Pocket Rocket      63     26pts
  3. John Brierley            Pocket Rocket      84     38pts
  4. Dave Williams          Pocket Rocket      33      52pts
  5. Alan Watkinson       Pocket Rocket     23       53pts
  6. Neil Westbrook        Pocket Rocket     103     82pts


  1. Andrew Peter           919         15pts
  2. David Bradley            98         23pts
  3. Rob Andrews             835        40pts

Upcoming Club Racing

Just a reminder of the next few weeks racing (see the Calendar for full listing):

17th August  RG65 & DF65 start time 11:00

24th August  and 7th September, IOM  start time 13:00

31st August  RG65 & DF65 start time 11:00